Monday, 14 March 2016

Who makes the rules between men and women?

Men and women exchange services with each other.

Women need to discuss masculinity and tell men what they want.

The trouble with women is that they don't know what they want from men.

Men have no trouble articulating what they want from a woman: young, beautiful, loyal, fertile and forgiving. They will settle for less if they cannot get the full specification, and in return they will provide and protect.

Because women don't know what they want from men, they just confuse everyone including themselves.

If men know what they want from women, they should make the rules.

Since women don't know what they want, they shouldn't be allowed to make the rules.

Increasingly women are making the rules because men are allowing them to make the rules.

Because women are more sexually available to men, men allow women to make the rules, but the rules are opaque and confusing, allowing a woman to simultaneously insist that women are equal and also superior to men, but also have a right to their protection and financial support.

Women can now claim that men are wrong even when they are right, and that women are right even when they are wrong.

Previously, when women were not so sexually available to men, men made the rules and the rules were clearer and much much fairer.

Now that women are allowed to make the rules, English legal traditions (such as proof beyond reasonable doubt) and what used to be regarded as traditional English liberties (the right to be treated as innocent until proven guilty after a fair trial) have become increasingly eroded. Soon they will be utterly forgotten in man's anxiety to appease the insatiable woman who will not stop demanding unreasonable things, like in the wife in the story of The Fisherman and His Wife, until they are both back in their squalid hut again.

Then perhaps women will wise up and decide that the rules should be crafted to suit men and women prepared to make the sacrifices of marriage to have legitimate offspring and rear the next generation in optimum conditions, not feminist sluts who won't know what they really really want in life until they are too old and ugly to be anyone's wife and mother.

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