Sunday, 13 March 2016

Why the entire West is fucked by feminism

Muslims traveling from Sweden to the Middle East to commit mass murder and rape in the Islamic state, are "victims of violence", says the new Moderate leader Anna Kinberg Batra

The Liberal West is full of stupid women in positions of power and influence, yet men cower at the thought of challenging feminism, for fear of offending their wives, daughters, girlfriends and senior female colleagues.

Elderly men with younger wives do not want to risk domestic disharmony when they require nursing.

Middle aged men of property don't want to risk the financially crippling settlements of no fault divorce.

Thrusting young men don't want to be deprived of the pleasures of fornication.

This is how feminism stitches up your society.

Men who acknowledge the truth of what I say won't discuss it with anyone else because they are

1) men of no influence

2) men who have no hope of acquiring influence

3) men who would not use that influence even if they had it

They can only hope they die before the shit hits the fan.

These are the only kind of men I know.

In the entire West, these are the only kind of men I know.

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