Thursday, 7 April 2016

Nick Griffin finally discusses feminism but still does not say white men must respect marriage to protect their civilisation

The only way to make the white man respect marriage again, fight and defeat feminism is - wait for it - to convert him to Islam. Nick Griffin of course dares not say this because he dares not acknowledge that Christianity is kaput and nature abhors a moral vacuum currently being represented by Morally-Compromised Slut-Fuckers (MCSFs) incapable of uncompromisingly supporting marriage by saying what needs to be said, let alone doing what needs to be done. What needs to be done is to shame sluts, and white Islamophobic MCSFs are only interested in fucking them, playing video games or watching free online porn rather than preparing themselves to mentally and militarily to fight the coming race war.  

He dares not acknowledge this because he knows the kind of people who would have joined the BNP when he was leader are in fact unmarriageable and are themselves illegitimate, badly and singly-parented by their never married mothers - unsocialised, uneducated, emasculated and expected to suffer because of their lowly social status. Indigenous unskilled labour are clearly unable to compete with foreign unskilled labour, preferring to remain clients of the welfare state. Lacking in male solidarity because it has already been undermined by decades of feminism, white male politicians of higher social status, education possessing alpha male qualities will have no desire to stand up for the interests of these lower class males by taking risks on their behalves.  

Being atheists, they will be thinking:

"Western civilisation as we know it will last me my lifetime, and I have no interest in posterity because I have neither property to bequeath nor a biological investment in the next generation. In the meantime I will enjoy the benefits of sexual liberation, whose pillars are free online porn and women who will have sex with me without expecting me to marry them. I can even lead a lifetime of having purely recreational sex with members of my own sex without suffering hatred, ridicule and contempt because the Equality Act 2010 protects me against being offended and discriminated against by God-fearing homophobes. My only goal between now till the day I die is to fill my boots and take my pleasure with no thought for the next generation or posterity, who will doubtless curse my generation, but I won't care because I will be dead by the time they realise that the previous generation has dissipated their inheritance."

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