Friday, 29 April 2016

Why men are afraid of women but can never admit this even to themselves

Jews are not to blame for feminism. It is well-known that even the Chosen People themselves lose control over their women from time to time and break their own rules. Why should they be blamed if they live in the land of the gentiles whose laws are matriarchal? It is however possible to argue that the degenerate matriarchal West are the Amalekites Jews are exhorted by God to exterminate. Jews living amongst degenerate gentiles would unavoidably become corrupted. This is presumably what Muslims fear for themselves too, when they call for sharia. 

Jews fear Jewesses so much they want to ban them from singing.

Muslims fear their women so much they cover them from head to toe.

How much men fear women is the implicit expression of female power. 


This must be the halachic form of putting women in a burkha. Why are men so afraid of us?I guess men have always found us scary, huh?

They know they must never actually admit this, or we would lose all respect for them.

It is shameful to be frightened of someone you know to be weaker, stupider and poorer than you just because you want to fuck them and know they can mess with your emotions and hurt your feelings. It is like a master being afraid of his slave.

Women are allowed to say they fear their father, husband or son, but men are never allowed to say they fear their mother, wife or daughter, BUT THEY DO. If these men love their mother, wife or daughter, they will fear at least the loss of their affection. It is only natural to fear losing the affection of those whom you love.

But how do you assert your authority over them while keeping their affection?

This cannot be done without exercising male authority and it has been all but lost in the West. That is why the West is now being flushed down the toilet by feminism.

Who should be blamed for feminism? Not Jews and not women. Not Jews because they couldn't exert authority over their women when all the laws in their society were feminist. Not women because they were just pushing the boundaries. 

Who then?

Men of course, for allowing it to happen in the first place. 

If you as a parent leave your home in charge of your adolescent daughter without strict instructions or the supervision of a responsible adult, you are to blame if you come back a month later to find your home trashed and your daughter pregnant by God knows whom. 

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