Monday, 9 May 2016

Another time-wasting false rape allegation?

A gang rape of 11 men of a woman took only half an hour? It does sound like a very lurid rape fantasy. I'm no expert on these matters but I imagine an organised gang rape would not take place in a car park.

6 March was a Sunday and Bluewater closes at 1700 on a Sunday.

What was this woman doing on her own in a car park between 1930 to 2000?

Was her car parked there?

If so, what was it doing there two and a half hours after Bluewater closed?

If she didn't have a car there, why was she still in Bluewater two and half hours after Bluewater closed?

Was she wandering around the car park hoping to make a false rape allegation?


David Martin said...

It may be a bit soon to start claiming this is time-wasting or false allegation. As someone who has sat on a jury for a rape case I am VERY wary of ANYONE who makes claims about such allegations without having seen all of the evidence presented.

Claire Khaw said...

I was right about Agricultural College rape accusation against four male students which I thought sounded very fishy from the beginning. If I am wrong, doubtless you will post another comment to point this out.