Sunday, 29 May 2016

British government to feminise sharia law

General principles.

The provisions of this Part are founded on the following principles, and shall be construed accordingly—

(a)the object of arbitration is to obtain the fair resolution of disputes by an impartial tribunal without unnecessary delay or expense;

(b)the parties should be free to agree how their disputes are resolved, subject only to such safeguards as are necessary in the public interest;

(c)in matters governed by this Part the court should not intervene except as provided by this Part.

If the public interest is the national interest, then feminism is the antithesis of the national interest, because it results in degeneracy and the decline and fall of your civilisation.

Those who who wish to impose feminism on society are the agents of the matriarchy. Theresa May has been undermining the patriarchy by undermining marriage since 2002. 

The Conservative Party's surrender to slut single mothers in 2002

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