Saturday, 28 May 2016

The evil and dementia of feminism unopposed by Peter Hitchens, Britain's foremost Conservative writer, who calls himself a feminist

Sussex Police have caused anger on social media and from anti-rape groups for publishing a poster which appears to blame victims for being attacked.

This childless 41 year old woman who now wants to be a mother and wife won't find a decent man to marry her, but she is concerned about the number of other women who will turn out like her. Not looking good for the next generation, is it?

@ClarkeMicah is Peter Hitchens, supposedly Britain's most well-known journalist promoting British Conservatism. He however has nothing to offer the youth of today. It seems he already knows the limits of his appeal (to elderly men and women who have failed to pass on their Conservative values to their offspring assuming they have even bothered to have any) and is only waiting for death, while being relentlessly negative about every development that could be construed as positive. He won't support UKIP, the leave EU campaign nor will he write in positive terms about Donald Trump. What is he trying to do? Demoralise social conservatives, turn them into Muslims so they join ISIS in despair at his political nihilism? Who knows, but he is currently top dog of British Conservatism in the pay of the Daily Mail, who are too risk-averse to hire me instead.

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