Friday, 27 May 2016

Watch, and weep, as I did.

Sluts destroy lives and create lives that will be destroyed by the consequences of their sluttery. The only language they understand is 

All these beautiful and heart-breakingly cheerful children have futures we know are hopelessly bleak. The most heart-breaking moment for me was when one of them said she hoped one day to live in a home with windows.

You can get contraception in the Philippines, actually, but still these bar girls get pregnant sometimes  accidentally on purpose, as is the wont of sluts all all over the world.

We all know the Catholic Church no longer says fornication is a mortal sin or that all fornicatresses are sluts. A class of men infamous for their homosexuality and paedophiliac tendencies understandably feel reluctant to get on their high horse about fornication when almost everyone regards premarital sex as their inalienable human right. The Catholic Church in the land of the WASP is after all a mere minority and fears to incur the wrath of its matriarchal and liberal Overlords and Overladies. Let us acknowledge then that the Catholic Church is no longer fit for the purpose of maintaining morality and has no prospect of ever regaining its moral authority within our lifetimes. If the Catholic Church is already rotten to the core, then all the  more is the Anglican Church.

Even the Conservative philosopher Stefan Molyneux dared not contradict a childless woman of 41 he was advising when she suggested that because she had had already had between 50 to 60 sex partners, you can only be a slut if you have about 100. from 1:21

I on the other hand have no problem in acknowledging that you can go from virgin to slut in just one fuck.  

The Pope in any case is only interested in negotiating the terms of the surrender of his church: first to the degenerate and sexually liberated internationally matriarchy, and then to their Muslim conquerors.

Christianity is kaput, but Islam is waiting in the wings. 

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