Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Why did James Longman block me when I tweeted him about his report on mental illness?

Proposed division of mental health treatment to streamline the provision of mental health services 


Anonymous said...

Um, maybe because you seem unhinged tweeting the same hateful message over and over?

Claire Khaw said...

Were the tweets duplicates?

True Duke said...

No wonder he blocked you! All those freaky questions and insane judgements. I agree with 'unhinged'. Luckily the closest you'll ever get to influencing any kind of policy is this chef d'oeuvre of lunacy which you're peddling. Its inaccuracy and hateful prejudice is plain for all to see. Is bigotry classed as an 'MHI'?

Claire Khaw said...

What "inaccuracy" and "hateful prejudice" are you referring to?

Can you give examples of the "freaky questions" and "insane judgements" to which you refer?