Sunday, 19 June 2016

A conspiracy theory on why Jo Cox was murdered and by whom

The globalist left have used every dirty trick at every election or referendum they needed it
74 75 79 etc

Murder is not beyond the far left, globalists, their agents or MI5. (weapons of mass destruction? Dr Kelly?)

They were on course to lose the eu vote.

Now cox is second in sainthood to Dianna so we must all do what she said and vote remain.

A leave vote is now in doubt and if they killed one of their own to achieve it then it means little to them.

I am 99% confident of the above.

What does the prevalence of conspiracy theories and people's readiness to believe them tell us? (This is the second time I have heard this theory since the killing of Jo Cox.)

That they are prepared to believe any evil of the government no matter how convoluted and far fetched is the measure of how much they fear, hate and distrust the government. 

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