Friday, 24 June 2016

How could Brexit have been prevented?

By Cameron not promising an EU referendum, of course.

But this would have meant letting Labour win the 2015 General Election.

So Ed Miliband becomes British Prime Minister. Do you think the Tories in opposition would not have promised a referendum in the run up to 2020? I can't see them resisting that temptation.

By 2020 there would be even more immigrants and refugees, as well as more MPs being assassinated by more and angrier white men probably.

You remainders would only have postponed the inevitable for another 5 more years.

There was nothing more David Cameron could have done.

The Scottish Nationalists dare not go immediately because by the time they get their act together to call for another referendum, Article 50 will have taken place, so they might as well wait and see. They are only saying what they say to upset the English again, as is their wont, being spiteful silly Scots who hate the English who will miss no opportunity to display their hatred.   

We don't really need Gibraltar, and a United Ireland is historically inevitable anyway. Then Northern Ireland will become the problem of the Irish government, not Britain's. It was just a colonial outpost, after all.

Now dry your tears and shake the dust off your wings.

But the fight is not over. Perhaps it hasn’t really yet begun. Here is what the British can likely expect: The Federal Reserve, European Central Bank, Bank of Japan, and George Soros will conspire to attack the British pound, driving it down and terrorizing the British economy. We will see who is the strongest: the will of the British people or the will of the CIA, the One Percent, and the EU and neocon nazis. The coming attack on the British economy is the reason that leave supporters such as Boris Johnson are mistaken in their belief that there is “no need for haste” in exiting the EU. The longer it takes for the British to escape from the authoritarian EU, the longer Washington and the EU can inflict punishment on the British people for voting to leave and the more time the presstitutes will have to convince the British people that their vote was a mistake. As the vote is nonbinding, a cowardly and cowed Parliament could reject the vote.

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