Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Pakistani-born academic in Britain tells the English to shut up about the Anglo-Saxonism

Tariq Modood:

The minimum I would wish to urge upon a centre-left that is taking English consciousness seriously is that it should not be simply nostalgic and should avoid ethnic nationalism, such as talk of Anglo-Saxonism.

Modood's background: He even claims "to be strongly motivated ... to work for the well-being of Muslims in Britain, as well as the well-being of British society." He was in the race relations industry and now presumes to tell the English how to think of themselves as well as to shut up about their Anglo-Saxonism. He says " public intellectual engagement is the gold standard." I wonder if he is going to engage with me at all. What do you think, Dear Reader?


YS said...

Actually, I'm not British and I enjoy a fair share of Anglo-Saxonism, so he can Either join us and enjoy all that the Anglo-Saxonism gives him or he May piss off back to Pakistan

Claire Khaw said...

You don't have to be white or British to see this provocation for what it is. Even if I had invaded a country I would not tell the people I have conquered that I deny their racial identity. Hubris indeed.