Sunday, 19 June 2016

Remainders have capitalised on the death of Jo Cox, leavers can do so too

I suggest using the tactic of "Look what you made me do."

Jo Cox and her ilk would not have hesitated to call anyone who dared complain about immigration a racist. That was always how polarised the debate has been. How long has the immigration debate has been simmering? I would say since Powell made his Rivers of Blood speech in 20 April 1968. The killing of Cox on 16 June 2016 represented the multicultural and multiracial melting pot boiling over. Of course, there have been inner city riots since 1968, but this is the first time an MP actually suffered directly as a result of ignoring the concerns of voters.

Apparently, Breivik murdering 69 summer campers wasn't sufficient warning in 2011 because no politicians were harmed, only the youth members of the Workers' Youth League. This should have been taken as a warning to anyone who has ever thought they could just carry on denouncing anyone who ever dares to complain as racist dinosaurs to shut them up, but still they carried on employing that tactic.

Mr Cox’s wife, Jo, is a Labour MP and former aide to Mr Brown’s wife Sarah. Mrs Cox also runs the Labour Women’s Network where she is ‘equalities and discrimination’ adviser.

An imaginary conversation between a recipient of Save the Children charity and its former CEO Justin Forsyth

It was probably Jo Cox who put it into Gordon Brown's head to call anyone who dared complain about immigration "bigoted", as he called called Mrs Gillian Duffy, a Labour member.

Her plea for her constituents to vote remain still has no solutions or words of comfort whatsoever. It is still "Put up and shut up, you plebs. They will keep coming whether you like it or not, whether we're in or out. You have no choice, and you know it. Now shut it."

Just like IRA terrorism, politicians only responded when they perceived themselves to be directly threatened eg after the Brighton Bomb in 1984. When was the Anglo-Irish Agreement signed? 1985.

Leavers should point this out rather than be intimidated into silence and pulling their punches. Whatever the result, there's going to be trouble anyway.

It is time for the British to gird their loins, grit their teeth and bite the bullet.

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