Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Sima Kotecha bullies a pleb and condemns the poor man for being racist

From 2:45

At 2:47 listen to how Sima Kotecha bullies a pleb snatching offence out of his reluctant hands.

Pleb whom SK described as "uttering racial slurs towards" her:

I think all the immigrants they should leave the country, you know what I mean? 


So you're talking about Eastern Europeans?


Yeah, not saying like Pakis. I'm saying all of them, you know what I mean?

SK [menacingly];

Did you say Paki?


No, I don't mean ... Sorry, love, I don't mean ...  

SK [primly]:

That's offensive.  


I didn't mean to call [inaudible because he was mumbling in terror after it dawned on him that the BBC journalist menacing him was about to condemn him on the airwaves as a racist]. They're not foreigners. We all bleed with the same heart, it's a different colour of skin, know what I mean? 


So, do you not like Asians either?


No, I do like Asians, I'm not racist, I love Asians. I called you Paki, but I could come up with more offensive words, you know what I mean? But I'm not like that, am I? I'm not racist at all in any shape or way ....

You can imagine Sima Kotecha haughtily turning on her heel and leaving the nonplussed pleb stammering into his lager, shaken by this encounter knowing that his voice will be played endlessly on the airwaves as an example of the evil, violence and horrors of racism. 

Do you think Sima Kotecha's bullying of this pleb has improved race relations in Britain?

No, really, do listen to the interview and listen to the tone. Who was the one with the higher status? The pleb or the female Asian journalist who was bullying him?


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