Saturday, 18 June 2016

Surely this man could not possibly have induced Tommy Mair to murder Jo Cox?

former National Front member Alan Harvey who  now runs a blog called Springbok Cyber Newsletter


Anonymous said...

Hi - I found your blog today looking for information on Alan Harvey.

You may be interested in the following. I used the Internet Archive to check the index of the 'Springbok Cyber Newsletter' as it was in October 2014. At that time, there were *no* indexed posts for the whole of 2005, 2006, or 2007. This period of course includes the crucial Thomas Mair post. Check the blog archive sidebar at the following link:

There is no evidence that the Thomas Mair post existed prior to March of this year.

Claire Khaw said...

Thank you for that. What do you think this means?

Anonymous said...

Thank-you for publishing my comment. It is difficult to feel confident about such a massive implication, but what I think this means is
- the post is not really from 2006
- someone meant for it to look like it was from 2006, but was actually created earlier this year
- this post creates the impression of a political association for Thomas Mair, but given the post appears to be deceptive, this is probably the purpose of the deception
- Given the that Thomas Mair was otherwise totally obscure, such a deception would only have been carried out by someone who wished to frame Thomas Mair for a crime
- Someone wished to frame Thomas Mair for a crime, and planned to do so by March of this year

Claire Khaw said...

Mair's behaviour in Westminster Magistrates' Court today suggests that he did intend to assassinate Jo Cox to make a political point.

Anonymous said...

Yes - I actually wrote my reply above before checking the news.

My claim is somewhat all-or-nothing. Either he was framed, or the lack of index for the 2006 posts is some kind of technical glitch. I'm not comfortable with either explanation.

Anonymous said...

I suppose he needn't have been framed. He might simply have been put up to it. But whoever encouraged him to do this had to create a plausible psychological back-story. If he is too obviously a vulnerable psychological patient with no prior interest in politics then people might ask why he did this, and where got the weapon. The media have provided a plausible back-story. The peculiar archive record of this blog suggests the back-story is fake.

Claire Khaw said...

There is no doubt that it was Mair who dunnit, or why he did it now, in view of his response when asked his name. The only question that needs to be asked now is whether he is responsible for his actions, and whether he wants to be seen as being responsible for his actions.

connect 4 said...

It seems that Mair wrote to Harvey in 2000, after buying the gun manual from the US, and was blaming "White liberals and traitors" for the fall of apartheid, see this blog where Harvey is posting: .

What we don't have is Harvey's correspondence with Mair, and did Harvey get back in touch with Mair after 2006? Presumably Harvey will be helping the Police with their enquiries at the moment and so this might come out.

It seems unlikely though that Harvey would have the ability to induce Mair to murder Cox, but how about the people Harvey reports to?

Claire Khaw said...

Who are the people you think Mair has been "reporting to"? You make him sound like a soldier.

I see this speculation on Mair as a distraction. As far as I am concerned, Mair did assassinate Jo Cox. It is an open and shut case now. The only matters to be decided are:

1) whether he is of sound or unsound mind

2) whether he wishes to take responsibility for his actions

3) whether the state wishes him to be regarded as of unsound mind or a terrorist or even both

However this matter is decided, it would not prevent further attempts on the lives of MPs.

The only question to be considered between now and 23 June is who can exploit this assassination more.

The remain camp will say leavers are evil murdering racists, Nazis and Fascists who will turn Britain into a land of evil racists, Nazis and Fascists, and perhaps the leave camp will say

"Look what you made Mair do by refusing to take the concerns of the white working class male seriously. Do you really think angry white men will magically disappear if Britain remains in the EU? If you do then you are madder and stupider than Mair. Even if we remain you will just be sweeping the dust under the carpet again. If so, expect even more trouble."

I note your transparent threat to intimidate any political activist that Mair has ever been in contact with by suggesting that Alan Harvey will soon be helping the police with their inquiries. May I point out that Breivik was a lone wolf terrorist. He concluded that terrorism was the only way to make his point because the democratic process will always be rigged against people who object to immigration as long as the liberal establishment are in charge. You may take away all our liberties and pass all manner of illiberal totalitarian laws you want, but you will be unable to stop disgruntled and alienated angry white men left without hope of having their grievances addressed from forming their own conclusions and acting on them. Far better to deal with the problem honestly and openly than propose even more acts of intimidation and repression.