Thursday, 23 June 2016

The story behind how I came to acquire this remain sticker

I went early to the polling station and there was a queue of workers. Not having a proper job, I felt guilty for adding to the queue and perhaps making them late for work. Indeed, I even considered going away and coming back again, but held firm to soak up the atmosphere. On my way out I saw someone I knew in the queue and we joked about doing our civic duty. Of course I wondered how he would be voting, and wondered how I would go about finding out without hanging around outside the polling station waiting to accost him as he came out. I decided to go to Tesco to see what cheapo items they had at this time of day. On the way there were men offering these stickers to me. I cheerfully declined and went on my way to Tesco. On my way back I decided to take one of these stickers then carried on my way home. To my delight, there was this local I knew chatting to another man in a rather conspiratorial way near the polling station. I went up to him and offered him my sticker jokingly, but he declined so we knew that we had both voted the way we would have wanted. "So, you were just winding them up!" he said. "Yes," I said conspiratorially, "They are so desperate they have resorted to getting the remainers to serve as propaganda vehicles for them." The chap he was talking to was also a leaver, so we three were very pleased with each other indeed. My best voting experience!

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