Monday, 27 June 2016

Why the British don't really need to worry about the EU being nasty to them over Brexit

Blair on Brexit from 22:50:

At 30:50, he says:

You could have this type of referendum in Europe anywhere at the moment, and you would have the potential for the result to be the same.

What? That there would be exeunt?

the German people remain broadly in favour of remaining in the union, with about 40% believing a referendum on the subject should be held and less than 35% saying they would vote to leave.

I rather doubt this.

German law requires that the next election should take place on a Sunday between 46-48 months after the assembly's first sitting. Since the current Bundestag first sat on 22 October 2013, the latest date for the next election is 22 October 2017 (a Sunday). The earliest date is 27 August 2017, the first Sunday after 22 August. By convention, recent elections have been held in late September, avoiding the school holidays. Elections can be held earlier under certain conditions, for instance if a government loses a confidence motion.,_2017

If you were AfD will you even consider not offering a referendum?

If you were a German voter offered a referendum, would you consider not voting for Gexit?

The European Project will be over very soon, probably before the process of Article 50 is complete.


Brexit will make Britain great again, insists Trump as he forecasts break-up of the EU and warns that Europe will be 'unrecognisable' without migration curbs

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