Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Why is the white Western male politician so militarily belligerent?

Surprisingly, one of the leading forces against Obama’s so-called long war is the candidate decried by the Clinton camp, and most of the rest of the world, as a “loose cannon.” It’s Donald Trump, a man who can hardly be accused of being a candidate for racial tolerance, particularly regarding the Middle East. Last week, responding to ongoing calls for war, the presumptive Republican nominee said of Kristol, “This poor guy, all he wants to do is go to war and kill people.”

Margot Asquith was a great lover of the outdoors, a keen horsewoman, with "no fear at all in defying gender conventions".

She once even rode her horse up the steps and into the hall of her family's London townhouse, causing the horse to rear up, bring the rider and the hall's crystal chandelier crashing down.

"Every inch the fin de siècle woman, she smoked and swore self-consciously and copiously, danced with the Prince of Wales, sat on Tennyson's knee and had a poem written to her by him," Prof Cowman says.

Margot Asquith sounds like she was quite a handful.

A man who has lost control at home can seek to dominate elsewhere. This displacement idea can be extended to a national leader, perhaps an American president. He must have a great lust for power to attain such a position and it is not surprising that once installed he wishes to “flex his muscles” and exercise some real power. However his options for doing so at home are limited. His masculine instinct to dominate and subdue may be exercised far away instead.

It may be said (with justification, but which is beyond the scope of this article) that the stated reason for embarking on war is nearly always a pretext. The ‘trigger event’ can be manipulated for this purpose, or a random spark may ignite an entirely unrelated charge.

Is it just possible that the wives of neocons are terrible termagants?

The wife of neocon Robert Kagan is Victoria Nuland.


There are two kinds of neocons:

  1. those who know exactly what they are doing
  2. those who are neocons by default because they love bombing Muslims and will go along with any plan to bomb Muslims anywhere in the world

Are these trouble-making women Lady Macbeth? Are Muslim countries invaded by NATO Duncan?  Is Banquo's ghost ISIS? Neocons are certainly Macbeth. I like to think of Donald Trump as Macduff and of myself as one of the three witches ....

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