Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Will feminists answer my questions?

  1. All sluts and whores are women, but not all women are sluts.
  2. Why do feminists seem to be insisting that all women are sluts and whores and anyone who uses these words misogynists?
  3. Are feminists trying to police thought and speech?
  4. A misogynist is someone who hates women for being women, but feminists would like to define misogynist as someone a feminist hates just for disagreeing with them. 
  5.  Feminists intentionally misrepresent those using these words in order to demonise, punish, marginalise and censor them. 
  6. Do feminists want to ban the use of these words because feminism does indeed turn women into sluts and whores?
  7. The corruption of language is the corruption of thought, the corruption of thought leads us into error, disaster and doom. 
  8. Why are feminists so anxious to censor dissent?
  9. Is it because they have no answers or counter-arguments?
  10. How likely am I to receive a substantive response from Dr Fiona Vera-gray to any of the points I raise? 100% likely? 0% likely?

The use of the word misogynist is a word used by feminists to smear anyone complaining about feminism as being in some way dangerous and deserving of punishment because they are thought to hate the other half of the human race. This term should be fiercely resisted by all who wish to challenge feminism.

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