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This Video Will Get Donald Trump Elected

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Is Europe Doomed By Vassalage To Washington?

by Paul Craig Roberts

“One Ring to rule them all . . . and in the darkness bind them.”
                                                                              J.R.R. Tolkien, The Lord of the Rings

World War II resulted in Europe being conquered, not by Berlin but by Washington.

The conquest was certain but not all at once. Washington’s conquest of Europe resulted from the Marshall Plan, from fears of Stalin’s Red Army that caused Europe to rely on Washington’s protection and to subordinate Europe’s militaries to Washington in NATO, from the replacement of the British pound as world reserve currency with the US dollar, and from the long process of the subordination of the sovereignty of individual European countries to the European Union, a CIA initiative implemented by Washington in order to control all of Europe by controlling only one unaccountable government.

With few exceptions, principally the UK, membership in the EU also meant loss of financial independence. As only the European Central Bank, an EU institution, can create euros, those countries so foolish as to accept the euro as their currency no longer have the power to create their own money in order to finance budget deficits.

The countries that joined the euro must rely on private banks to finance their deficits. The result of this is that over-indebted countries can no longer pay their debts by creating money or expect their debts to be written down to levels that they can service. Instead, Greece, Portugal, Latvia, and Ireland were looted by the private banks.

The EU forced the pseudo-governments of these countries to pay the northern European private banks by suppressing the living standards of their populations and by privatizing public assets at pennies on the dollar. Thus retirement pensions, public employment, education and health services have been cut and the money redirected to private banks. Municipal water companies have been privatized with the result being higher water bills. And so on.

As there is no reward, only punishment, for being a member of the EU, why did governments, despite the expressed wishes of their peoples, join?

The answer is that Washington would have it no other way. The European founders of the EU are mythical creatures. Washington used politicians that Washington controlled to create the EU.

Some years ago CIA documents proving that the EU was a CIA initiative were released. See: and

In the 1970s my Ph.D. dissertation chairman, then a very high-ranking official in Washington with control over international security affairs, asked me to undertake a sensitive mission abroad. I refused. Nevertheless, he answered my question: “How does Washington get foreign countries to do what Washington wants?”

“Money,” he said. “We give their leaders bagfuls of money. They belong to us.”

The record is clear that the EU serves the interests of Washington, not the interests of Europe. For example, the French people and government are opposed to GMOs, but the EU permits a “precautionary market authorization” of GMO introduction, relying perhaps on the “scientific findings” of the scientists on Monsanto’s payroll. When the US state of Vermont passed a law requiring labeling of GMO foods, Monsanto sued the state of Vermont. Once the paid-off EU officials sign the TTIP agreement written by US global corporations, Monsanto will take over European agriculture.

But the danger to Europe goes far beyond the health of European peoples who will be forced to dine on poisonous foods. Washington is using the EU to force Europeans into conflict with Russia, a powerful nuclear power capable of destroying all of Europe and all of the United States in a few minutes.

This is happening because the paid-off with “bagfuls of money” European “leaders” had rather have Washington’s money in the short-run than for Europeans to live in the long-run.

It is not possible that any European politician is sufficiently moronic to believe that Russia invaded Ukraine, that Russia any moment will invade Poland and the Baltic states, or that Putin is a “new Hitler” scheming to reconstruct the Soviet Empire. These absurd allegations are nothing but Washington propaganda devoid entirely of truth. Washington’s propaganda is completely transparent. Not even an idiot could believe it.

Yet the EU goes along with the propaganda, as does NATO.

Why? The answer is Washington’s money. The EU and NATO are utterly corrupt. They are Washington’s well paid whores.

The only way Europeans can prevent a nuclear World War III and continue to live and to enjoy what remains of their culture that the Americans have not destroyed with America’s culture of sex and violence and greed, is for the European governments to follow the lead of the English and exit the CIA-created European Union. And exit NATO, the purpose of which evaporated with the collapse of the Soviet Union, and which is now being used as an instrument of Washington’s World Hegemony.

Why do Europeans want to die for Washington’s world hegemony? That means Europeans are dying for Washington’s hegemony over Europe as well.

Why do Europeans want to support Washington when Washington’s high officials, such as Victoria Nuland, say “Fuck the EU.”

Europeans are already suffering from the economic sanctions that their overlord in Washington forced them to apply to Russia and Iran. Why do Europeans want to be destroyed by war with Russia? Do Europeans have a death wish? Have Europeans been Americanized and no longer appreciate the historic accumulation of artistic and architectural beauty, literature and music achievements of which their countries are custodians?

The answer is that it makes no difference whatsoever what Europeans think, because Washington has set up a government for them that is totally independent of their wishes. The EU government is accountable only to Washington’s money. A few people capable of issuing edicts are on Washington’s payroll. The entire peoples of Europe are Washington’s serfs.

Therefore, if Europeans remain the gullible, insouciant, and stupid peoples that they currently are, they are are doomed, along with the rest of us.

On the other hand, if the European peoples can come to their senses, free themselves from The Matrix that Washington has imposed on them, and revolt against Washington’s agents who control them, the European peoples can save their own lives and the lives of the rest of us.

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Suggested punishment for the male Tory Brexit MPs who were duped by Leggy Legsom

The 39 male Brexiteer Tory MPs who snatched defeat from the jaws of victory

Were these men "thinking" with their sex organs?

Should they be made to apologise for thinking with their sex organ as a warning to other men also inclined to "think" with their sex organs?

Should there be any women in politics at all since their very presence in public life confuses these stupid men?

Why couldn't they have supported Gove?

Why did they pretend that he had done something terrible by choosing to stand after all?

Because he wasn't a woman who could avail himself of the woman's prerogative to change her mind.

If there is a weaker sex, there is an even weaker sex, made up of men who "think" with their sex organs.

Sturgeon: I can block UK exit from Europe

In a master stroke of obfuscation, Theresa and Nicola agreed that Article 50 of the EU treaty would not be invoked until full agreement had been reached between Westminster and Edinburgh over a satisfactory approach to exiting the EU. In other words we won’t leave until Nicola gives her permission. The Daily Telegraph reported; ’Theresa May has indicated that Brexit could be delayed as she said she will not trigger the formal process for leaving the EU until there is an agreed “UK approach” backed by Scotland.’

I am not suggesting hanging, drawing and quartering as a punishment for these men who "think" with their sex organs. All you do have to do is retweet the tweets below, if you are a disappointed Brexiteer, until we have a public apology from these men.

BREXIT BETRAYED: When did you first realise Brexit had been cancelled?

PCR: "I don't think they can get out without violence. If the people are not prepared to use violence, they might as well surrender now."

Fight? These emasculated cunts would rather vote for a woman whose legs they find shapely than stand up for the right of a fellow male Tory MP to stand for leadership instead of punishing him, like they did Michael Gove. Even if these men knew what a principle was, they have no capacity to fight for it, being infantilised and effeminate.

You can check out any time you like
But you can never leave

For me, it was when I heard yesterday evening that May had allowed Northern Ireland and Nicola Sturgeon to veto Brexit.

In a master stroke of obfuscation, Theresa and Nicola agreed that Article 50 of the EU treaty would not be invoked until full agreement had been reached between Westminster and Edinburgh over a satisfactory approach to exiting the EU. In other words we won’t leave until Nicola gives her permission. The Daily Telegraph reported; ’Theresa May has indicated that Brexit could be delayed as she said she will not trigger the formal process for leaving the EU until there is an agreed “UK approach” backed by Scotland.’

legal obligations prevent Britain from signing deals while still an EU member, Ms May said

Sturgeon: I can block UK exit from Europe

Friday, 15 July 2016

A to do list and career advice for Michael Gove post-Tory leadership contest
is conclusive evidence that Brexit has been betrayed and cancelled as early just three weeks after the result of the EU referendum.

Who is to blame? All the male MPs listed at
who were so mesmerised by Andrea Leadsom's legs they supported an unreliable woman instead of the far more experienced and talented Michael Gove who was nothing like their mummy at all.

The best thing Michael Gove could do now is to join UKIP and try as best he can to get as many of his supporters to join too.

  1. Adam Afriyie, MP for Windsor
  2. Henry Bellingham, MP for North West Norfolk
  3. Nick Boles, MP for Grantham and Stamford
  4. Conor Burns, MP for Bournemouth West
  5.  Alberto Costa, MP for South Leicestershire
  6.  George Eustice, MP for Camborne and Redruth
  7.  Michael Fabricant, MP for Lichfield
  8.  Suella Fernandes, MP for Fareham
  9.  Nick Gibb, MP for Bognor Regis and Littlehampton
  10.  John Hayes, MP for South Holland and The Deepings
  11.  Andrea Jenkyns, MP for Morley and Outwood
  12.  Robert Jenrick, MP for Newark
  13.  Daniel Kawczynski, MP for Shrewsbury and Atcham
  14.  Jack Lopresti, MP for Filton and Bradley Stoke
  15.  Andrew Mitchell, MP for Sutton Coldfield
  16.  Nicky Morgan, MP for Loughborough
  17.  Bob Neill, MP for Bromley and Chislehurst
  18.  Dominic Raab, MP for Esher and Walton
  19.  Jacob Rees-Mogg, MP for North East Somerset
  20.  Rishi Sunak, MP for Richmond (Yorks)
  21.  Anne-Marie Trevelyan, MP for Berwick-upon-Tweed
  22.  Ed Vaizey, MP for Wantage
  23.  Shailesh Vara, MP for North West Cambridgeshire
  24.  Angela Watkinson, MP for Hornchuch and Upminster
  25.  John Whittingdale, MP for Maldon

That is an awful lot of persuading to do but, as Boris Johnson knows, Michael Gove can be a very persuasive.

I know these Tory types will gasp and stretch their eyes at having to deal with all the plebs and BNP-types at UKIP, but it will be very educational for them. If they succeed they shall certainly be thanked. They should think of it as the populares route to power. Stephen Woolfe will be the new leader on 15 September 2016, I predict. He seems a reasonable though cautious sort of chap.

Although not in the party for at least five years to be eligible to stand, there is much these MPs could be doing as members of UKIP to formulate the policies that will serve as an alternative to the soft soap Mayist Labourist Conservative Party manifesto for the 2020 election.

Why a depressed loner like the Nice lorry-driver might wish to be associated with a terrorist organisation

Sounds like Mohamed Lahouaiej-Bouhlel was just feeling suicidal and decided to dedicate his suicide to ISIS. While known to the police, he was not known for his terrorist connections. Those intending to commit suicide would be aiming for maximum publicity, even if they had never previously had any terrorist connections.

If a suicide "dedicated" his suicide to ISIS, he would make his suicide and therefore his life more meaningful and also generate more fear by being identified with a group of terrorists who are very much alive rather than being a mere suicide whose life has already been extinguished. explains the spree killer's mindset and relates it to the marginalisation of the beta male in the West.

A widely accepted explanation links amok with male honor (amok by women is virtually unknown). Running amok would thus be both a way of escaping the world (since perpetrators were normally killed) and re-establishing one's reputation as a man to be feared and respected.  Some observers have related this explanation to Islam's ban on suicide, which, it is suggested, drove Malay/Indonesian men to create circumstances in which others would kill them.

Which is more frightening?

a) There are many men in the West who will think of committing suicide and going out in a blaze of glory like Mohamed Lahouaiej-Bouhlel and Elliot Rodger.

There were 4,623 male suicides in the UK in 2014.

Female suicides have fallen by almost 40%, from 2,466 in 1981 to 1,486 last year. Powell said some of the decline could be a result of changes in the workplace and home which had improved life for many women but left men unsure of their role.

It is not hard to guess why men these days kill themselves more than women and want to change sex to become women, is it?

Powerlessness and deprivation are exacerbated today by the ability, boosted by digital media, to constantly compare your life with the lives of the fortunate (especially women entering the workforce or prominent in the public sphere: a common source of rage for men with siege mentalities worldwide). The quotient of frustration tends to be highest in countries that have a large population of educated young men who have undergone multiple shocks and displacements in their transition to modernity and yet find themselves unable to fulfil the promise of self-empowerment. For many of them the contradiction Dostoevsky noticed between extravagant promise and meagre means has become intolerable.

b) There are Muslims in the West who do not agree with Western foreign policy and may use violent means to make their point.

Putin: US / NATO is irreversibly pushing the world towards nuclear war

Imperialism (and its benefits to subject races), racism and feminism

4th minute

Liberian says to Taylor:

We did not have the benefit of being colonised by the French.

I often wondered why the English became imperialists and dominated the Irish, Welsh and Scots. The answer came to me in a revelation: the Romans didn't bother with the Welsh, Irish or Scots, only the English.

 55th minute:


You're again making the odd assumption that the facts somehow matter.  I think we're in effect dealing with what is the equivalent of a religion. Dan Root says that compared to Islam, which is probably the most powerful religion in the world today, egalitarian liberalism is the second most powerful religion. When people are absorbed by this idea, they cease to think in terms of facts. The facts don't matter. They can ignore the facts. If they discover the facts they're perfectly happy to suppress them.

The logic of masochism:
White people love to feel good about themselves by feeling bad about being white. 

Women are mainly masochists and measure their womanliness with their suffering and victimhood. Because they rule the roost, white men are now forced to adopt this position.The conquered - men - inevitably adopt the mindset of their conquerors - women.


Pathological self-destructive altruism of the feminine mind and the view that nations do not need borders or that people do not need nations with borders to protect their interests linked to the emasculation of men over several generations. Women are mostly children living in La La Land who want to believe Feminism is both moral and sustainable, refuse to be challenged on their beliefs and are able to suppress the free exchange of ideas between men by displaying their victimhood and shedding a few tears. 

At 1:16 Taylor asks:

If it is perfectly normal for Hispanics to prefer the company of other Hispanics and to take pride in their heritage and accomplishments, or if it is perfectly natural for Blacks or Asians or any other group to take pride in their accomplishments and to prefer to be around people like themselves, why is it wrong only for whites? We take it for granted that the Japanese have the right to preserve a Japanese society or that Israel has the right to maintain a Jewish state, why is it wrong for the French to wish to maintain a French state?

It is because white women are now in charge and they hate white men. 

Brexit because people feel a great loss of control over their lives

George Bernard Shaw:

A healthy nation is as unconscious of its nationality as a healthy man is of his bones. But if you break a nation’s nationality it will think of nothing else but getting it set again.

What do we want?

A sense of national identity and a competent government run by an alpha male leader we believe to be looking after us rather than feminists, foreigners and LGBTs.

When do we want it?

We should have it a long long time ago. Is a May administration stuffed with Yes Women and emasculated Yes Men who are charisma free zones in awe of her going to get us this?

What do you think will happen as a result of this loss of control?

More importantly, what do you think of the calibre of this MP? He was a Brexiteer who supported that unreliable and flighty woman Andrea Leadsom who displayed her legs at every opportunity to her male supporters, thus destroying the chances of this country getting a Prime Minister who is both a Brexiteer and not a woman.

Male British politicians have so utterly lost control over the situation that more of them are prepared to support an unreliable woman rather than a competent and clever male politician because they are mesmerised by her legs and she reminds them of their mummy.

What do you think having such weak male politicians will do?

It will further radicalise Muslims who are already disgusted by the degenerate and emasculated state of non-Muslim men and the egregiously low standards of sexual morality of non-Muslim women in Britain, of course. In short, a May Administration with a lesbian Education Secretary no less will only encourage and provoke our enemies.

Increasingly, radicalised Muslims will see it as their duty to take up the cudgels of exterminating the Amalekites that the Jews have given up on.

Who are the Amalekites?

I would suggest that Modern Amalekites are the peoples who do not abide by Noahide laws, even though rabbis claim that they have all died out. The Amalekites are an eternal metaphor for the ever present temptation of having low standards of sexual morality that ultimately produces a sexually degenerate matriarchy causing the decline and fall of your civilisation.

Why Western governments cannot tackle the causes of Muslim terrorism

Every time an Islamophobe calls for the expulsion of Muslims from the West, I think "If all Westerners who think Muslim terrorism is nothing to do with Western foreign policy were expelled from the West, we would have a more intelligent West."

How is the West to deal with the problem of Muslim terrorism?

Firstly, by acknowledging that all terrorism without exception is the consequence of bad government policy.

Secondly, by acknowledging that Muslim terrorists have a grievance against Western foreign policy, they may wish to re-examine Western foreign policy.

Why won't they?

Pride and stubbornness. It is not a good feeling to admit to grave errors that have caused great damage and loss, especially loss of life, but it would be in our interests to do so.

What are the mistakes?
I would say they are having a political system that does not promote the national interest. This means that no politician ever thinks in terms of promoting the national interest. If you asked any politician at all what the national interest is ..., but wait, has any journalist even asked this question?

Not only is our political system not fit for purpose, our political classes are not.

Not only are they both not fit for purpose, the media that is supposed to analyse and question government policy is not fit for purpose either.

If it were, I would have a column in The Mail.

To bait fish withal. If it will feed nothing else, it will feed my revenge. He hath disgraced me and hindered me half a million, laughed at my losses, mocked at my gains, scorned my nation, thwarted my bargains, cooled my friends, heated mine enemies—and what’s his reason? I am a Jew. Hath not a Jew eyes? Hath not a Jew hands, organs, dimensions, senses, affections, passions? Fed with the same food, hurt with the same weapons, subject to the same diseases, healed by the same means, warmed and cooled by the same winter and summer as a Christian is? If you prick us, do we not bleed? If you tickle us, do we not laugh? If you poison us, do we not die? And if you wrong us, shall we not revenge? If we are like you in the rest, we will resemble you in that. If a Jew wrong a Christian, what is his humility? Revenge. If a Christian wrong a Jew, what should his sufferance be by Christian example? Why, revenge. The villainy you teach me I will execute—and it shall go hard but I will better the instruction.

The mindrot that is feminism

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The 39 male Brexiteer Tory MPs who snatched defeat from the jaws of victory

Dumb fuck Brexiteer male Tory MPs applauding Andrea Leadsom, the woman who betrayed their cause and gave them the triple whammy of what men don't need or want: May - a female remain Prime Minister who will stuff her cabinet full of female mediocrities and further marginalise men. Look at dumb fuck Tim Loughton looking at her legs and applauding her. The country is going down the toilet and male Tory MPs can only look at a woman's legs and applaud her for betraying their cause. The best way for Andrea Leadsom to show her remorse for fucking it up royally for Brexiteers is to apply for the Children Hundreds, but she won't be doing that, will she? Another over-promoted female mediocrity screws it up for men, and all they can do is applaud her and look at her legs ...

  1. Steve Baker
  2. John Baron
  3. Julian Brazier
  4. Andrew Bridgen
  5. David Burrowes
  6. Bill Cash
  7. Philip Davies
  8. Steve Double
  9. James Duddridge
  10. Iain Duncan Smith
  11. James Gray
  12. Chris Green
  13. Chris Heaton-Harris
  14. Gordon Henderson
  15. Stewart Jackson
  16. Bernard Jenkin
  17. Boris Johnson
  18. Edward Leigh
  19. Julian Lewis
  20. Peter Lilley
  21. Tim Loughton
  22. Karl McCartney
  23. Stephen McPartland
  24. James Morris
  25. David Mowat
  26. Andrew Murrison
  27. David Nuttall
  28. Neil Parish
  29. Owen Paterson
  30. Daniel Poulter
  31. Tom Pursglove
  32. John Redwood
  33. Laurence Robertson
  34. Andrew Rosindell
  35. Bob Stewart
  36. Michael Tomlinson
  37. Craig Tracey
  38. Martin Vickers
  39. William Wragg

Andrew Murrison, who supported Leadsom, belatedly grovels about being "bowled over by the strength and power" of May. This is the kind of man who represents South West Wiltshire.

Unlike me, these male politicians in charge of the ship of state couldn't see that this woman who probably reminded them of their granny or mummy was unreliable, inexperienced as well as selfish and self-indulgent with no idea of her place in the world and politics, whose husband is so henpecked he didn't dare stop her from standing by threatening to divorce her. That would have stopped her dead in her over-ambitious tracks. Typical woman: quitting the moment the going got tough.

Why couldn't they have supported Gove? Was he not pretty enough for them then? If he had dressed up as a woman would they have been more likely to support him? These pathetic men who still want their mummy couldn't bring themselves to support Gove because they wanted their leader and PM to be like their mummy, so they pretended Gove was guilty of some great betrayal and that he owed Boris some kind of duty of honour not to stand. 

Gove was guilty of no more than being a man and changing his mind: a woman's prerogative but clearly not a man's. Whither gender equality?

See how these infantilised and emasculated middle-aged men, clueless about male solidarity, let the remainer May in to stuff her cabinet full of women.  

These Brexiteers have somehow maneuvered themselves into getting a double whammy of what we don't want: a woman and a remainer as PM.  ALL BECAUSE THEY WANTED THEIR MUMMY. 

When politicians are turkeys voting for Xmas, you know your country is just a turd in the toilet that hasn't been quite flushed away yet.

And all because grown men still want their mummy. Disgusting and contemptible. 

While Tory MPs could have ignored Paul Dacre of the Mail supporting May, they did not. Paul Dacre must also take part of the blame.

Why did Dacre support May? Because he thought he was betting on a horse, probably, just like the all the dumbshit Tory MPs who thought Gove wouldn't be quite popular enough with the Tory membership because his legs weren't shapely or his skirt short enough or because he didn't remind them of their mummy or granny enough. Unprincipled, infantilised and emasculated British men are strangers to principle and beyond contempt. Even the men who want the right things for the right reasons are pathetically venal.  No wonder this country is fucked. 

And so, I assume, are my chances of getting a column in The Mail. 

BREXIT BETRAYED: When did you first realise Brexit had been cancelled?

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How to choose a Tory Party leader and British Prime Minister sooner rather than later

Conclave: How cardinals elect a Pope

We could make them stay at one of these properties at until the vote is over. 

 The candidates with the two most votes then go to the membership. 

Saturday, 2 July 2016

Which Tory leadership candidate and future Prime Minister possesses most of these Roman virtues?

Auctoritas — "Spiritual Authority" — The sense of one's social standing, built up through experience, Pietas, and Industria.

Comitas — "Humour" — Ease of manner, courtesy, openness, and friendliness.

Constantia — "Perseverance" — Military stamina, mental and physical endurance.

Clementia — "Mercy" — Mildness and gentleness.

Dignitas — "Dignity" — A sense of self-worth, personal pride.

Disciplina — "Discipline" — Military oath under Roman protective law & citizenship.

Firmitas — "Tenacity" — Strength of mind, the ability to stick to one's purpose.

Frugalitas — "Frugality" — Economy and simplicity of style, without being miserly.

Gravitas — "Gravity" — A sense of the importance of the matter at hand, responsibility and earnestness.

Honestas — "Respectability" — The image that one presents as a respectable member of society.

Humanitas — "Humanity" — Refinement, civilization, learning, and being cultured.

Industria — "Industriousness" — Hard work.

Iustitia — "Justice" — Sense of moral worth to an action.

Pietas — "Dutifulness" — More than religious piety; a respect for the natural order socially,
politically, and religiously. Includes the ideas of patriotism and devotion to others.

Prudentia — "Prudence" — Foresight, wisdom, and personal discretion.

Salubritas — "Wholesomeness" — Health and cleanliness.

Severitas — "Sternness" — Gravity, self-control.

Veritas — "Truthfulness" — Honesty in dealing with others.

Virtus - "Manliness" - Valor, excellence, courage, character, and worth. Vir meaning "man".

It's unlikely to be Leadsom.

It can't be Crabb.

It f [ill in the blank] be Fox.

It mustn't be May.

It's got to be Gove.