Friday, 15 July 2016

Imperialism (and its benefits to subject races), racism and feminism

4th minute

Liberian says to Taylor:

We did not have the benefit of being colonised by the French.

I often wondered why the English became imperialists and dominated the Irish, Welsh and Scots. The answer came to me in a revelation: the Romans didn't bother with the Welsh, Irish or Scots, only the English.

 55th minute:


You're again making the odd assumption that the facts somehow matter.  I think we're in effect dealing with what is the equivalent of a religion. Dan Root says that compared to Islam, which is probably the most powerful religion in the world today, egalitarian liberalism is the second most powerful religion. When people are absorbed by this idea, they cease to think in terms of facts. The facts don't matter. They can ignore the facts. If they discover the facts they're perfectly happy to suppress them.

The logic of masochism:
White people love to feel good about themselves by feeling bad about being white. 

Women are mainly masochists and measure their womanliness with their suffering and victimhood. Because they rule the roost, white men are now forced to adopt this position.The conquered - men - inevitably adopt the mindset of their conquerors - women.


Pathological self-destructive altruism of the feminine mind and the view that nations do not need borders or that people do not need nations with borders to protect their interests linked to the emasculation of men over several generations. Women are mostly children living in La La Land who want to believe Feminism is both moral and sustainable, refuse to be challenged on their beliefs and are able to suppress the free exchange of ideas between men by displaying their victimhood and shedding a few tears. 

At 1:16 Taylor asks:

If it is perfectly normal for Hispanics to prefer the company of other Hispanics and to take pride in their heritage and accomplishments, or if it is perfectly natural for Blacks or Asians or any other group to take pride in their accomplishments and to prefer to be around people like themselves, why is it wrong only for whites? We take it for granted that the Japanese have the right to preserve a Japanese society or that Israel has the right to maintain a Jewish state, why is it wrong for the French to wish to maintain a French state?

It is because white women are now in charge and they hate white men. 

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