Monday, 1 August 2016

An American Muslim explains why he supports Trump and rejects low-energy liberal politicians

 Hillary Clinton praises the Muslim parents of a son who died serving as an American soldier during the Iraq invasion

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The mother of an American Muslim soldier killed in Iraq has accused the Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump of being ignorant of Islam after he mocked her appearance at Thursday's Democratic Party National Convention. Sajid Tarar is the founder of the American Muslims for Trump group.

Justin Webb:

Do you think he has over-stepped the mark now, that there is a chance that this rebounds against him in a way that previous things he has said hasn't?

Nope, because Muslim parents whose son died during the Iraq invasion serving as an American soldier should be ashamed rather than proud of themselves. Neocon wars are wars of Western imperialism whose raison d'etre is to invade Muslim countries and steal their oil while pretending to their sheeple that they are doing it to for "human rights" reasons. The sheeple being sheeple obediently consume this crap and are outraged when they suffer from Muslim terrorism, because this means Muslims are not grateful to the West for invading their countries.

Sajid Tarar makes the point that Clinton has 40 years' experience in politics and Tim Kaine 20 to 25 years' experience. They have at least 20+ Ivy League staffers writing their speeches.

The beauty of Donald Trump - he says whatever he feels like. That's what we need. Donald Trump is re-writing the history of American democracy, because these people with 40, 45 years' experience - these people have failed Washington DC. Washington DC has become a non-functional town. Since he has started his candidacy the liberal media is trying to twist everything single thing in the US against him. Donald Trump said he wanted to ban Muslims with exceptions: from the war torn countries. The media is forgetting the second part. He's saying he wants to build the wall, but with doors, where people can legally come in, but they omitted the door part. Even now he is saying he is not using the name Islam or Muslim. He just wants to ban the terrorists. I am an American Muslim. I want to see America safe, I want to see the world safe, and I am tired of low-energy politicians. Britain coming out of the EU is the biggest example that socialist globalisation is not the solution - it's not going to work. I am in favour of strong leadership. Barack Obama in eight years didn't do anything for Muslims. ISIS grew up on Hillary Clinton's watch. Her failed policies have helped terrorists and ISIS to grow up. That's what we don't want. I want a strong leader to command the US and make America safe. My kids are living in fear. If anything happens here in this country, we all start praying it's not another Muslim. Look at what is going on in France and Belgium and everywhere. I want a happy and safe Europe and a safe Middle East. This is what the issue is: Europe is facing low-energy politicians and people are rejecting the legacy politics and people are sick of professional politicians.

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