Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Let us all pray for Trump, even if we don't really believe in God

Although I was aware of the controversy the Democrats had tried to whip up last night after Trump's speech last night about Hillary Clinton taking away Second Amendment rights, the way it was reported by The Today Programme this morning - that Trump had incited his supporters to assassinate Clinton and any of the judges she might appoint as POTUS - chilled my blood.

The entire West should hang its head in shame at the way its media has collectively treated Trump, truth and logic.

As Orwell said, "In times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act." Both Trump and I are revolutionaries for being guided by truth, logic and the idea of promoting the national interest.

Let us pray for Trump - even if we doubt God's existence - that good will triumph over evil, and truth stand clear from error [Koran 2:256]. Trump is only one man, and his enemies the neocons, neoliberals and globalists control the military industrial complex as well as the entire Western media, including the BBC. It will focus our aspiration to be led by a brave and sane man rather than a woman who is the puppet of special interest groups who control the military industrial complex of the West. You don't have to be American to support Trump, just a citizen of its vassal states appalled by its insane policy of starting WW3 by trying everyone's patience.

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