Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Who is pushing gender dysphoria and why?

The 18 year old son of a friend had committed suicide after suffering from gender dysphoria. His parents were actually supportive of him, but that did not help, because he basically looked like a man and even played rugby. I curse the BBC for their campaign to normalise gender dysphoria.

Many of us wish we were cleverer, richer, more beautiful, desirable and influential than we actually are, and in a higher social class too, no doubt, and possibly a different race. But we can't all get what we want.

My position remains that anyone who wants to mutilate their sex organs and sterilise themselves in order to be happier as a member of the opposite sex is in fact mentally ill.

Mental illness I would define as being irrational and obsessed.

It is obviously irrational to suppose that we would be happier as a member of the opposite sex after we have sterilised ourselves.

For one thing we wouldn't look right and people would think we are obviously weird. This means we are not going to get much sex, or any sex from any decent person who might want to have a long term relationship with us.

This would only make us more mentally ill if we were already mentally ill to begin with.

While people are understandably ashamed of being mentally ill, mental illness is curable, especially if it is the usual kind of mental illness suffered in adolescence.

We all know teenagers kill themselves at the drop of a hat, over failed exams in the East, over being dumped in the West, or over something we as adults find unbelievably trivial. This is probably because as teenagers we suffer from growing pains and cannot imagine ourselves getting over whatever calamity we think we have suffered. As well-adjusted adults, we know we have been there and got all the T-shirts of being dumped, disappointed, bereaved, betrayed, rejected and sacked.
I repeat: mental illness is curable, but knowing that you can never be a beautiful woman because you are a man is not.

The only cure for gender dysphoria is transition, apparently.

The old fashioned way to deal with these things was for the father to tell the son to pull himself together, or else. He might even tell his son that it is actually a privilege to be a man though it is harder to be a man than a woman, because a man has to act, while a woman merely to desist, and keep herself looking half way decent while she is constraining the natural exuberance of her nature.
The 21st century way of dealing with gender dysphoria is to let these pre-pubescents have hormone treatment before they are adult so they will be able to hide their maleness better.

The best way of parenting when our adolescent children threaten to commit suicide because you made them miss an episode of their favourite TV programme must surely be to tell them menacingly that they ain't seen nothing yet about the things in life that might just upset them.

I suppose if you as a parent were disapproving and hostile, you would get blamed for the suicide.
If you were accommodating towards your son transitioning, you would get more sympathy at the funeral. This is PC Britain after all.


1. Imagine your son will commit suicide whether or not you are supportive of having his gender dysphoria being cured by transition. With the benefit of this hindsight, how would you be towards him?

a) Supportive of his desire for transition
b) Disapproving and hostile towards his proposed transition

Please also give reasons.

2. On a scale of 0 to 100, how wicked is it to encourage vulnerable adolescent males into thinking that gender dysphoria resulting in transitioning is in any way desirable?

3. Should the position you take on gender dysphoria depend entirely on how the hypothetical mourners at your son's hypothetical funeral think of you in PC Britain?

4. Isn't there a medically ethical position to take on these matters with the public interest in mind?

5. Should the government really be encouraging adolescents who say they are suffering from gender dysphoria to transition when most of them are frankly mad, silly and barely know their minds from one year to the next?

6. Why is the government not discouraging this industry?

7. Cui bono?

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