Sunday, 7 August 2016

An agnostic prays for Trump's protection and success

Beta males without the leadership of an alpha male are like women in denial, pretending things are not really as bad as I say. Because no beta male would accept the authority of another beta male, angry and gentile white men will just continuing blaming Jews and Muslims for their plight, rather than acknowledge that it is their lack of leadership skills, their effeminacy, degeneracy, irrationality, denial and their fear of being led by an alpha male leader that prevents them from ever organising effectively against the demented matriarchy which oppresses them.

Despicable Tory MPs who wanted to leave the EU but voted for an unreliable woman because they wanted their mummy rather than Michael Gove who offered them conviction and dominance

Pathetic Brexit Tory MPs who supported Leggy Leadsom - an unreliable woman and over-promoted mediocrity who let them down and let May in

In Donald Trump American men and women sense an alpha male who could lead them and the world out of the morass the neocons have brought them to. This frightens and dismays the matriarchy to such an extent that it will resort to any dirty trick - however laughable - to prevent him becoming President.

God (if He exists) would protect Trump (as long as he is does not propose anything that flouts God's laws) and confound the knavish tricks of the degenerate matriarchy.

Let us then pray that God if He exists will protect Trump. Indeed, why not pray that an omnipotent and perfectly moral God actually exists, so that Trump is more likely to be protected from a malign matriarchy bent on destroying all that is good about Western civilisation and indeed human civilisation itself?

I urge everyone - even atheists - to pray for Trump's success. It is the least you can do if you are not prepared to donate or argue in his favour because you are a beta male oppressed by the matriarchy scared of being ostracised by your female associates, friends and family or a husband and father afraid of his wife and children.

How would an atheist pray? First, form a wish that you earnestly desire. Then say these words in your head and then share this post with others:

God if He exists would protect Trump because he is an alpha male and offers us an alternative to the neocons, Hillary Clinton and the degenerate matriarchy. If God does not exist then I wish and earnestly desire that He come into being, in order to protect Trump because the entire Western establishment is against him. If Trump succeeds, then more men will follow his example. If he fails then the beta males will be even more demoralised, fearful and useless. 

Trump is a nationalist and God wants us to organise ourselves into nations. In this way is healthy competition possible between nations whom God will reward for following His laws most faithfully.

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