Monday, 5 September 2016

In defence of the human right of Keith Vaz and all MPs to hire prostitutes

After spending most of yesterday on Twitter on the subject, no one there has yet given me a good reason why non-MPs can hire prostitutes, but not MPs.

No one has yet told me how Keith Vaz hiring prostitutes is inconsistent with his position as Chairman of the Home Affairs Select Committee.

When I ask them if they would prefer it if Keith Vaz had hired two female prostitutes and had sex with them one after the other while the other watched, they do not answer.

When I ask them if they are possibly what is called homophobic if they think hiring two male prostitutes is in some  way worse than hiring two female prostitutes, they again remain mysteriously silent.

If Mrs Vaz is upset at her husband hiring prostitutes, it is up to her to seek a remedy in the Family Courts, and is none of our concern.

Frankly, if I were Keith Vaz's wife I would be relieved that he was not constantly pestering me for anal sex and drug-fuelled frolics when I already have a full time job as a busy immigration lawyer and several homes to run.

There are certain men who feel a certain delicacy and inhibition about asking their wife for the kind of the sex they would really like to have. They probably have an inkling that this is not something they could constructively suggest to their wife. If she already has a full time professional job one is likely to get short shrift and suffer a lifetime of funny looks. The result of being too open with one's wife about one's deepest darkest desires is that one could lose her respect, which would be disastrous to a good marriage. I entirely sympathise with Keith Vaz for not broaching the subject to his wife and would have done the same thing too if I were a man wanting to have sex with two male prostitutes one after the other.

I think people just want to punish Keith Vaz just because he is an MP and an opportunity has presented itself for them to punish him. That's all it is really.

MPs should therefore reflect on why they are so hated and consider closing ranks by defending the human right of Keith Vaz and any other MP to hire prostitutes.

If their constituents object to MPs having a right to hire prostitutes without losing position and status, then they should be told in no uncertain terms that what they hope for - that MPs would one day pass a law allowing everyone else in the land to hire prostitutes but not themselves - ain't gonna happen.

If these hypocritical and hate-filled constituents want to change the law in order to criminalise MPs for hiring prostitutes, then let them become MPs and do it themselves. That should shut them up good and proper.

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UF said...

What you have written here, is far above the comprehension of Katie Hopkins's audience. Pure genius. Tis a shame you don't get to see how famous you are in the heavens above.