Tuesday, 6 September 2016

My message to Channel on being radicalised by the resignation of Keith Vaz

Although I am not Muslim, I feel I am becoming increasingly radicalised every time I hear about the stupidity, hypocrisy and cowardice of our MPs.

Is there anyone in a position of authority I can speak to whose views would command my respect, who could persuade me that the answer to the problem of increasingly stupid, hypocritical and cowardly MPs running the government is not in fact a one-party theocracy governed under Islamic principles?

I was very upset to hear that not a single MP defended their human right to hire prostitutes. Hearing that Keith Vaz had resigned his position as Chairman of the Home Affairs Select Committee disappointed and saddened me profoundly.

Not only are MPs incapable of defending a principle - the principle that it is not illegal to hire prostitutes - they are also incapable of protecting their own interests of having the option of hiring prostitutes should they ever choose to do so. If those in charge of the ship of state are incompetents and imbeciles, then how can they give us good government?

If they cannot properly look after the interests of voters, let alone the long term national interest, then an Islamic State could be seen as an increasingly viable and attractive alternative.

While I have no intention of joining Islamic State at present, I would like someone in charge to reassure me that our liberal democracy is working well, so that I do not become even more radicalised the next time I hear of our MPs not defending a principle or the rule of law, or appearing not to even know what they are.

Your prompt response and assistance in this regard would be much appreciated as I do not want to become dangerously disillusioned with the current government or the current system of government and end up becoming a jihadi bride or sex slave.
What Claire Khaw wishes to avoid


RH said...

Our democracy is not working well because we don't have one. Our people are liberal and democratic enough but the Establishment and the government is extremely undemocratic and has been this way for centuries. However, the prospect of any Islamic-led government in the UK is really unwelcome. How many Islamic states do you know that are liberal or democratic? I wonder why you would consider joining an Islamic terrorist organisation if you are not a Muslim? I am very disillusioned with and critical of our voting system and how unrepresentative the MP's are. The result of the referendum demonstrates how out-of-touch our so-called representatives are.

Claire Khaw said...

MPs no longer understand what is meant by the rule of law and cannot defend this principle.