Thursday, 15 September 2016

My offer of free advice to Pauline Hanson

While I am neither Australian nor white, I do believe I understand exactly how white people are feeling about their national identity and immigration. Although I live in the UK, it is not hard to see how uncontrolled immigration and migrant swarms makes everyone nervous. Even my parents who are neither European nor live in Europe feel alarmed and concerned about European identity because they like to go there on holiday. 

I am really writing to offer you my services as political consultant for free until the benefit of it is proven.

That I am not white should have the effect of deflecting some of the more predictable accusations of racism made against you. 

You may be interested to know that as well as being legally trained, I was a member of the British National Party and was nearly its London Mayoral Candidate in 2011. My expulsion before this was the consequence of an unmarried single mother in the party taking against me for criticising the morals of such women.

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