Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Paul Gascoigne should have fought for the right of Englishmen to tell racist jokes all the way up to the Supreme Court

While it is clearly racist and false to suggest that a black man's teeth would glow in the dark while a white man's wouldn't, which Act of Parliament forbade the telling of racist jokes? Is a freeborn Englishman still entitled to assume that what is not forbidden is allowed, or must he check with a woman every time he decides to say or do anything? So when exactly did the rules change?
Gazza was being prosecuted under s 5 of the Public Order Act 1986.  The purpose of that Act 1986 is to preserve public order. Telling a racist joke in Wolverhampton Civic Hall in no way threatened public order. Therefore the prosecution of Gazza by the CPS headed by feminazi Directrix of Public Prosecutions Alison Saunders was obviously politically motivated.

It is politically motivated because it was not in the public interest to worsen race relations. How is it in the public interest to make the white man feel that the black man has the whip hand over him in his own country, as Enoch Powell warned would happen if immigration was not controlled?

Can you imagine the PC CPS seriously considering a white man's complaint about a black man telling a joke about white men and humiliating him in public? Of course not. The femimazi DPP would send him away with a flea in his ear.

Why Females Prefer Immigrant Males Did a woman write this? I think we should be told.

What does this politically-motivated prosecution reveal about the position of the white man in his own land? That he is lower in status than the black man and certainly lower in status than his women, who despise him.

Feminazis are after all white middle class women who fear and loathe white working class men angry enough to vote BNP or at least UKIP.

Feminazis pose a far greater threat to white working men than Muslims, but white plebs are too Islamophobic to see this or to see that only Islam will be strong enough to eradicate feminism. After feminism is eradicated, men will finally be able to wrest back control of a government that now prioritises the preferences of immoral parasitical women at their expense.

If we don't watch out, feminazis in charge of Government Departments will soon be declaring that using the word "feminazi" is misogyny, and misogyny is THOUGHTCRIME punishable by fines, loss of liberty, manual amputation, castration and perhaps even the death penalty.

The American working man has Donald Trump to represent him, but British male MPs are too stupid, skint and scared to challenge the matriarchy. Philip Davies MP is only one man anyway, and very from being a billionaire. He also voted for Andrea Leadsom rather than Michael Gove to be Tory leader which suggests that his judgement is not infallible. It is to be doubted he will do much for men all by himself while other male Tory MPs cower and quake at the thought of Theresa May frowning at them.

Philip Davies MP - the only male MP in the UK not too afraid to challenge the matriarchy

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