Monday, 12 September 2016

Why feminism is bad for civilisation

1. Young women want sexual liberation until they have a husband.

2. By the time women want to marry they are over 30.

3. By the time women want a baby they are 40+.

4. Feminism tricks women into spinsterhood.

5. Feminism tricks women into becoming sluts.

6. Feminism tricks men into becoming MCSFs (Morally Compromised Slut Fuckers incapable of supporting the institution of marriage).

7. Feminism tricks clever women into childlessness.

8. Feminism turns children into bastards.

9. Feminism turns women into bad mothers.

10. Feminism is dysgenic, but men dare not agree.

11. Feminism turns men gay.

12. Feminism turns men into women.

13. Feminism makes it OK for sluts to have bastards.

14. Feminism lowers the quality of your gene pool.

15. Idiocracy (The Movie) explains how feminism makes you stupid.

16. Feminism created the Idiocracy.

17. Feminism makes men lower than sluts.

18. Feminism bribes men with extramarital slut sex.

19. Feminism: a drug-dealer dealing in fornication.

20. Feminism is the religion of the West.

21. Feminism is the opium of Western people.

22. Feminism lowers your IQ.

23. Feminism: the cause of Western malaise.

24. Western men dare not agree with me because they are afraid of sluts.

25. Western men are afraid of sluts because they are afraid they will withhold sex.

26. Most of the sex that takes place in the West is extramarital sex.

27. Western men prize their access to fornicating sluts above their own dignity as men.

30. Western men are too degenerate even to decriminalise prostitution.

31. Western men are too afraid of feminazis to decriminalise prostitution. (Hired prostitutes are unlikely to make false rape accusations against men or demand child support for illegitimate offspring they never intended to father. Probably, Western men are too poor or miserly to hire prostitutes to protect themselves from false rape accusations or having to support unintended and illegitimate offspring. It is just too bad that they cannot see that slut-fucking is a false economy for which they and their society will pay dearly. The reason why feminazis will predictably refuse to decriminalise prostitution is because they want sluts to control the market in extramarital sex. Slut-fucking men will be too much in denial and stupid to acknowledge that criminalising the punter - as they do in Sweden - is in fact a ban on prostitution.)

32. Feminism causes mental illness and dementia.

33. Feminism will be the end of Western civilisation as we know it.

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Stephen Heatley said...

I couldn't agree more. Feminism is anti intellectual and opposes rigour in thinking with its sweeping religious like statements. When I think of the mini skirted women staggering on our streets at 3.a.m....what a statement of liberation! One of the effects of sexual promiscuity is sterility via chlamydia as it blocks fallopian tubes.