Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Why some female teachers have sex with schoolboys

Not only are men lower than sluts, sluts are now corrupting the morals of boys.

The best way of corrupting boys is to give them sex before they even ask for it, so they will always yearn to be taken by a woman the way a woman is taken by a man.

Men now yearn to be dominated by women, to be disciplined and punished. It turns them on.

The more power men give to women, the more they will take, and to be weak is to invite exploitation.

It is clearly the intention of these immoral female teachers to corrupt the morals of adolescent schoolboys in their charge in order to destroy their masculinity as adult men. You won't have much masculinity to display if all the while you are seeking a woman who is older than you who will dominate you and boss you around. Give such a man who has been got at by an older woman a submissive woman, and he won't know what to do with her.

Men who are submissive to women and addicted to sex with sluts are easy to control. Such men would never be able to recognise a principle, much less stand up and fight for it. Such men would be spiritually incapable of standing up for the patriarchy and incapable of even desiring a patriarchy because patriarchy supports marriage and this by definition means it would forbid and punish extramarital sex, which is the very thing they are constantly craving for.

Sex addicted men are not interested in marrying and having progeny, but in merely continuing to enjoy sex with women they are not married to. Most men in the West are MCSFs - Morally Compromised Slut Fuckers incapable of supporting marriage.

Such men would be spiritually incapable of protecting their women from invaders. Men with no wives and offspring are not going to risk anything to protect sluts or random women from invaders. They can't even get it together to challenge the status quo - feminism- after all.

Talking to Western men about this is like talking to drug-addicted and intoxicated men who are incapable of focusing on the matter at hand, much less being persuaded by the case I have put to them for supporting marriage.

All they will be capable of doing is denying that things are as bad as they say they are and then changing the subject to something they would much rather talk and think about, probably the next fix of extramarital sex they hope to get.

I guess we women in the West will be taken as slaves and sex slaves by invaders because our men are too weak, gay and old to defend us.

The invaders will be predictably Muslim, and Western women will have no choice.

Perhaps surrender will be sweet, precisely because it is inevitable.

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