Friday, 11 November 2016

Calling anti-immigrant sentiment fascism is to flatter it

It is idiotic even dignifying the resentment of foreigners people feel when there are too many of them as something as sophisticated as a political ideology called fascism.

It is indigenous working men who most notice the adverse effects of having large numbers of immigrants in their country.

If they are not in a union they are not represented, because the British Labour Party doesn't care about them.

Male Tory MPs are not interested in addressing the grievances of the the working man in unsklled manual labour because they believe they are already represented by the Labour Party.

Neither are female Tory MPs.

As for indigenous female MPs in the Labour Party, the people they most despise are lower class men of their own race.

What about male Labour MPs, you ask?

Male Labour MPs don't think it is worth their while supporting the non-unionised urban proletarian males because there are no votes in this.

The contempt women feel for men of a class lower than theirs is visceral, instinctive and probably ineradicable because of their inbuilt hypergamy.

The only people who can and will represent the interests of the beta male can only be the alpha male.
In a matriarchy there is no alpha male, and we live in a matriarchy.

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