Thursday, 17 November 2016

How I would argue the case if I were defence counsel for these British men accused of rape in UAE by a British woman

The woman shared a drink with the men before going to their hotel where they raped her in a "brutal and violent" manner while filming it

What was this woman doing in the hotel room of a man she has just met over drinks who was then allegedly raped by him and his friend?

Theory of Case

She must have been up for it.

While she was having consensual sexual intercourse with the second man she noticed that the the first one she was recording her. 

She objected, but he did not stop recording her with his mobile.

She asked the one copulating with her to stop, but he didn't or perhaps he did.

She then wished she hadn't agreed to sex with both of them.

That would be my defence if I were defence counsel. It was just a case of regret rape.

It would only be revenge porn if they posted it online, but so far they have not, and I doubt they would risk it now.

That's how I would get them off, unless she had bruises or showed signs of having been brutally attacked. Because she did not, the UAE coppers and prosecutors put two and two together and charged her with fornication, a sexual offence in the UAE.

Yes, it would mean that fewer women would be prepared to fornicate for fun, but that would be a good thing in the long run for men because that would bring about the return of patriarchy, and overthrow the matriarchy.

By the way, I define rape culture as "feminazis trying to prevent defence lawyers from asking the accuser obvious questions that could easily exonerate their client".

It cannot be denied that the nation which has women known to be the most promiscuous in the world has the highest number of rape complaints.

Promiscuity is linked to mental illness.

The mental health of a witness surely goes to his or her credibility.

Like it or not, the accuser's sexual history is logically and necessarily relevant to rape complaints because it is probative as to her character and certainly relevant to the nature of the accusation. Imagine someone accused of child sexual abuse and it was found that his computer mainly consisted of kiddy porn and a browsing history of kiddy porn websites. Are you going to say this evidence is irrelevant?

The more promiscuous a woman, the more likely she is to make false rape accusations. (This is probably because promiscuous women find themselves feeling used by men, get angry and bitter about this and are more likely to make a false rape accusation to revenge themselves on men in general.

I invite feminists to disprove this statement. I am of course not saying that a promiscuous woman can never be raped in the traditional understanding of the word eg raped by a burglar when she was just minding her own business being asleep in her own bedroom, only of the probability of her lying because of her neurosis or malice, the possibility of which must surely be considered and examined to do justice to the accused.

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