Monday, 14 November 2016

Are we being too hard on white supremacists?

I think technically you have to say and believe that white people are better than other races of people just because they are white to be a white supremacist.

Is there a difference between being a white supremacist and a white nationalist? These terms are used as terms of abuse by liberals who them use interchangeably for anyone in America who objects to immigration.

Is any white American who says America First a white supremacist?

Is Ann Coulter an American Nationalist?

As she is white, does that make her a White Nationalist?

If she believes in America First, does that turn her into a White Supremacist?

I don't care. I still love her anyway and it gladdens my heart to see and hear my favourite American woman. 

What is the ideology of the White Nationalist and what are White Nationalist polices?

What is the ideology of the White Supremacist and what are White Supremacist policies?

Are there any fundamental differences between the two? If so, what? Extermination? Expulsion? Enslavement? Segregation?

My relations with white men who identify with nationalism have been on the whole perfectly cordial. If they feel infinitely superior to me because of their race, they have not been crass enough to show it in a way that I noticed while in their company.

I suppose it is technically true that white people as a race are more powerful than brown, black or yellow peoples whose nations are not superpowers.

But having the status of being top dog nation of the world come and go because being top dog nation is all about fighting and winning wars as well as hanging on to what you have. Eventually, your civilisation loses its mojo and others overtake you, especially if you don't maintain standards, have enough children that you bring up properly, or are more interested in wine, women and song than in maintaining standards.

Perhaps deep down we all like to think we are better than other people, but of course it would not be politic to say that. It would be terrible if you behaved as if you really did think you were better than other people and were rude and bossy as well as having a penchant for kicking their doors down, bombing their homes, raping their women and killing their children just for the sake of imposing regime change and advancing your neocon interests and arms sales.

The most powerful white people are American, but all empires rise and fall. If people want to think they are better than me, I cannot stop them. I believe they have the absolute right to think they are better than me even if I do not agree with them and find it offensive that they think they are better than me.

I give them this right because I too sometimes think I am better than other people, especially people who are obviously stupider, uglier, poorer with much much lower morals than me.

Sometimes, it is good for us to think we are better than others, because it motivates us to do things, rather than forever feel inferior and self-effacing with never enough confidence or self-belief to ever undertake risky and ambitious projects.

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