Monday, 14 November 2016

Social Services - jobs for the girls

What better way of showing how evil men are and how useful you are when you protect children and women from these monsters at taxpayers' expense in your role as Social Worker?

All these violent and abusive men who are also fathers and husbands and all those women to rescue!

What better way of making yourself feel good, useful and needed about "saving" children that you will never have as a spinster by removing them from their parents?

Of course, it would be in your interests to pretend all men are guilty and evil. In this way do you make yourself more important to the more gullible members of the public.

Of course you will never support laws that prevent women from having sex with men not their husbands because if all women made sensible choices about their sex partner who must also be their husband, you'd be out of a job!

That is why no social worker will support slut-shaming.

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