Friday, 11 November 2016

Steve Rosenberg on what Russia thinks of Trump and neocon US foreign policy

Steve Rosenberg:

I spent US election night in a Moscow bar watching the results on TV and while I was there I overheard two men chatting about Donald Trump. Their conversation says a lot about the Russian view of Western liberal society.

One man asked the other, "What do you think of Trump's comments about women being politically incorrect?"

"I don't think so," the other man replied.

"Why don't you think they're politically incorrect?"

"Because I'm Russian, of course!"

Political correctness, diversity, gender equality, sexual democracy, values associated with the liberal society are greeted with suspicion and derision by many in Russia. The Soviet government often spoke of the decaying West. It meant that capitalism was decomposing. Modern Russia talks of the modern and spiritual decay of Western civilisation. It senses political instability in the West too. Some might argue that it actively exploits this to strengthen its position in the world. The Russian  political establishment views the Western politicians as weak and ineffective. A Russian politician once said to me,

"The problem with your kind of democracy is that your leaders can never take the decision that need to be taken because they're always having to think of the next election. In Russia, we don't have that problem.

Feeding all of this is Russia's resentment of the loss of its empire and of being declared the loser of the Cold War. What's more, Moscow believes that since 1991 America has been riding roughshod over international law, for example by invading Iraq, or by bringing about regime change in Libya. Today, Moscow senses an opportunity to even things out. The New World Order Russia seeks is one in which global powers share power and show respect for each other. No lectures on democracy or liberal values, no encroaching on someone else's sphere of influence. This is the multi-polar world that Moscow seems determined to shape.

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