Saturday, 26 November 2016

What have George Osborne, Theresa May and Tom Holland got in common?

George Osborne

Theresa May

Tom Holland, cricket bore and classical historian

My, hasn't Donald Trump - not standing with his legs apart - got large hands!

Future social historians will ask themselves why the political classes of a degenerate liberal democracy are standing with their legs apart.

Can you imagine a real man like Donald Trump resorting to such a pathetic attempt to convey masculinity and command?

We now talk of fake news. There is now fake masculinity, fake femininity and fake displays of leadership and authority.

The less you have of something you want, the more you want to pretend you have it by adopting ridiculous positions of display.

I'm warning Michael Gove not to adopt that stance if he is still hoping to salvage his political career. It is pathetic that he's trying to get people to like him by appearing to angle for a gig on Strictly Come Dancing. It's only for retired and fallen politicians who need something to top up their income, rather like footballers whose careers have come to an end wanting compo from the Football Association for being sexually abused as a child when they never complained at the time, not even to their parents. If he wants to angle for a position, he should be up to challenging and discussing my ideas, or even more daringly, agreeing with them.

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