Saturday, 17 December 2016

Kant's principle of universalisability applied to fornicating sluts [Fornicating sluts are a pleonasm, like tuna fish.]

A slut is a woman who makes a bad bargain with regard to giving sex for whatever she wanted to get in exchange.

What do women give sex to get in exchange? If they strike a good bargain, they get status, wealth, legitimate children that are a credit to them and a husband they love.

What are examples of a bad deal a woman can make in exchange for sex? Being murdered, having deformed offspring with a learning disability, catching an incurable and very nasty sexually transmitted disease come to mind.

Sluts are worse than non-human animals because non-human females choose the father of their offspring more carefully than sluts.

If non-human females choose the father of their offspring more carefully than sluts, then sluts are obviously the agents of degeneracy.

Sluts are not even ashamed that their reproductive choices are poorer than those of non-human females who choose more carefully their mate. This is because sluts are degenerate and degenerates  are shameless.

If sluts are allowed to practise their sluttery unchecked humans would degenerate till they regress into the culture and practices of humans that existed before marriage was invented.

If all women fucked any male no matter how criminal/deformed/mentally ill/diseased, just for fun, and were too stupid and incompetent to practise effective contraception, which sluts often are, what do you think would happen to the next generation?

So now you know why feminism is evil: because it regards recreational fornication as an inalienable human right, and expects everyone else, including your descendants, to pick up the bill.

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