Wednesday, 14 December 2016

The approach of Rillington Place writers towards Ethel Christie "always fundamentally sympathetic"

Where did you start with looking at Ethel’s character and what she knew about Christie?

E: Ethel was ultimately another of Christie’s victims, so our approach to her was always fundamentally sympathetic. Ethel waited for him for such a long time that, by the time she came to London and they were finally reunited, her options were limited. She was shackled to him and had to make the best of it, so if on some level she was aware of strange coincidences going on in the house, I think it was at an unconscious level. We can never know but that was always our sense. We always had enormous sympathy for Ethel because she always had hope that the best of him would come to the fore.

1932 – Ethel Christie starts a relationship with another man – telling him her husband had died from injuries caused by a mustard gas attack. However, the couple broke up after Ethel revealed she didn’t want children. 


She could have married another man, but she didn't want children. So technically, she was given another chance, but refused it, preferring to go back to Christie. 

Her testimony led to the execution of an innocent man, but Ed Whitmore and Tracey Malone don't give a damn and give her the fucking pussy pass anyway. Tim Evans was just a Welshman, eh? UNBELIEVABLE. 

Because Christie was found not guilty he went on to murder more women, but  Ed Whitmore and Tracey Malone give her the pussy pass AGAIN.  

This is the matriarchy, men. This is what it means to live in a matriarchy where being female makes you ipso facto morally superior to men. 

Don't ask me why, ask Ed Whitmore and Tracey Malone. 

My Christmas greetings to the matriarchy and its running dogs, like Ed Whitmore and Tracey Malone, are in the photograph below.

There are lessons to be learned about telling lies. Tim Evans was a wastrel known for telling lies for fun and in serious matters. He hanged for that. 


Serial killers tend to live in shitholes.

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