Thursday, 15 December 2016

They psychology of social workers

What is what one thing you would say about women with a degree in psychology?

Why do so many women do psychology? It is like someone whose first language is French doing a GCSE in French - a doddle and an extra GCSE.

Psychology is therefore an easy degree together with the social sciences which are especially favoured by women who want to feel safe doing the subjects they think suits their interests and inclinations.

What do female graduates of psychology do after they graduate? They become a social worker with a degree in a related field.

What do social workers who are predominantly female do? They support the creation of social problems they know is their bread and butter.

What are the social problems social workers support? The criminal consequences of immoral women being bad parents to their illegitimate offspring supplies them with endless work.

The great thing about this work which immoral women create which the female worker will never criticise is that it makes men look bad. Men when angry become aggressive, violent and criminal easily making them seem to be the problem.

The women who were the original cause of this anger by opening their legs to some man who pumped and dumped them, and who are undeniably fornicating sluts who brought their illegitimate misbegotten sons into being do not get blamed, even if they were such bad mothers they abandoned their children into care homes and their abandoned children became the victims of child sex predators. Instead, they get sympathy and understanding from the social worker.

When Enoch Powell talked about this country piling up its own funeral pyre in relation to immigration, this was not the worst of it. Indeed, the funeral pyre is being heaped higher and more quickly now with more female undergraduates taking over university life and demanding that male undergraduates comply with their whims. Their latest thing is the use of gender neutral pronouns to encourage more men into transgenderism with the purpose of destroying their masculinity at university, if it has not already been destroyed at school or infancy.

Cambridge University Student Union Officers

Plymouth University Student Union Officers - how many of these female student union officers are doing psychology?

Oxford University Student Union Officers

If daughters of these immoral women become violent, aggressive and themselves immoral, they are already armed with the excuses that are always given to women.

The female social worker either consciously knows this, or is at least subconsciously aware of the operation of cause and effect which she will of course never admit to herself, let alone out loud to another human being.

So, while she complains about the state of the nation, about immigrants, especially Muslims, she will never ever consider the real cause of social problems: immoral women who are fornicating sluts with variously fathered illegitimate offspring, or say anything that might suggest she is criticising these immoral women.

Why, she is probably one herself.

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