Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Warning to foreign students thinking of coming to Oxbridge

There are more female undergraduates than there are male undergraduates in Britain.  This means  female undergraduates have taken over university life.

Why do women get more university places?

Because most children are badly and singly parented and boys don't have a role model.

Because the school curriculum is skewed to favour female preferences which boys instinctively reject as stupid and boring.

Oh, and most teachers are female, probably feminazi and hate the male sex. This might just have an effect on how these feminazis might mark down boys and mark up girls, simply because they can and bias is not easily provable.  

So, in Britain there are more female students than male students, and what male students there are are weak and hungry for pussy and cannot stop worshiping it, if they are not gay.

Oxford student politics is the operation of the matriarchy in microcosm, and how the West is run in macrocosm. 

Not only is the West run for the benefit of fornicating feminazi sluts by their running dogs and appeasers, it wants the rest of the world to ape this.

If overseas parents send their children here to this menstrual swamp, they will end up having their morals corrupted. Your children will then return home and corrupt the morals of your society.

Why even pay for this self-destructive crap?

Patriarchy protects men and the civilisation their male ancestors created from the degenerative effects of condoning fornication, which is what feminism promotes.

Matriarchy - what we have here in Britain - makes silly women believe, say and do disgusting degenerate things eg using gender-neutral pronouns in order to not offend transgender students - without being opposed by frightened beta males who are no better than stupid scared women.

If you don't watch out, your country will become the menstrual swamp that is Paedo Bastard Britain Slutland, where half the men are sex predators and the other half victims of child sexual abuse, where half the mothers are unmarried mothers and their children badly-parented knife-carrying bastards of low educational attainment more likely to stab and be stabbed.

Why do you think the British are bumping along the bottom of the international league tables? 

UK schools fail to climb international league table 

Because most British mothers are unmarried mothers of bad-parented illegitimate children.

Let's face it, British women are totally out of control and fornicating sluts who become single mothers have not been criticised since 1974.

Keith Joseph: "The balance of our population, our human stock is threatened."

After what happened in 1974 to Keith Joseph - generally considered to be Prime Minister in waiting, no senior male politician has dared criticise the egregiously low standards of sexual morality of their women.

The 1.2million dads who doubt child is theirs: One in six men from North-East are uncertain of baby's paternity

Not content with having utterly destroyed the masculinity of generations of men, the matriarchy of Britain now wants to destroy masculinity from boyhood. Notice that it is always always always some feminazi who is promoting this kind of stinking degeneracy.

Row over BBC transgender programme aimed at children

Do you want the politics of your country to be reduced to a spat between women about each other's clothes? Well, this is what has happened to Britain under its second female Prime Minister.

If you send your child to Oxford, it will bring back the filth of this degeneracy back to your country and make it go rotten too.

Be warned and avoid sending the flesh of your flesh to the menstrual swamp that is Paedo Bastard Britain Slutland, where all the men are lower in status than fornicating sluts with variously fathered feral bastards. Visit Britain by all means to marvel at all its quaintness, but don't send your children to have their morals corrupted here. If they are male they will probably be falsely accused of rape by some slut of a female undergraduate suffering from "regret rape" before the end of their first year.

If not, you might even lose him to transgenderism or gay marriage.

Even if your son does not go gay, get falsely accused of rape or decide to become a woman, he would have no idea about how to go about being a man. If you have given him any idea of how to be a man - such as having moral principles and standing up for them - he will have unlearned it by the time he graduates. 

Think of British academia as an open sewer squatted over by feminazis about to defecate and urinate on it and avoid, avoid, avoid.

Cambridge University is making similar moves to encourage the use of gender neural pronouns, it has been reported.

Sophie Buck, welfare officer at Cambridge University students’ union, said: “Events start with a speaker introducing themselves using a gender neutral pronoun. It’s part of a drive to make the union intersectional.”

Oxford University Student Union Officers
Just one weak looking white beta male obviously delighted to be in the company of so many women of influence.
I don't think he's going to stick his neck out to defend straight white male interests, do you?

Cambridge University Student Union has no white male representation at all, but would Oxford be any better if you were white and male? Probably not.

What about non-Oxbridge tertiary educational establishments? (I believe calling them ex-polys these days is rude.)

This is only white male student union officer at Plymouth University. Would you trust him to represent your interests if you were white and male?  There is something about him that suggests that he might represent your interests quite enthusiastically if you were white, male and gay however.


We have not produced a leaflet implying that all students must use ‘ze’ pronouns to refer to others, or indeed to themselves. We believe the resources which are referred to within many of the articles could be support materials used by our student leaders and welfare representatives, which alongside other information and tips, reminds individuals of the importance of not assuming the pronouns of their peers while also aiming to normalise stating pronouns in introductions. Further to this, the assumptions made may in fact refer to a policy used with the Students’ Union Council, where it is asked (for accessibility and minuting purposes) that everyone who speaks states their name, college and pronouns. There is also a further possibility that our work and remit has been confused with the work of the wider University, whose Trans Policy and guidance does include a mention of neopronouns (pronoun sets like ‘ze/hir’, ‘ey/em/eirs’).

It's not exactly reassuring, is it? If you want to be in good standing with the Oxford University Student Union you have to start your presentations by stating your preferred pronouns. Even if most people get up and say they prefer "he" or "she," in doing so they will still be affirming the liberal idea that we get to choose our own sexual identity. It's a liberal win.

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