Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Why do women get more university places?

Among white boys from disadvantaged families only about 10% will go to university - the lowest of any social or ethnic group.

Deprived boys from other ethnic backgrounds, such as black and Asian, are much more likely to go to university.

Possible reasons

  1. Deprived boys from other ethnic backgrounds benefit from positive discrimination.
  2. Girls benefit from positive discrimination in their favour and against boys.
  3. White middle class women - the feminazi class - hate men of their own race anyway, especially if they are in the class below them. Women are hypergamous and it is feminazis now who make the rules. The Feminazis of Britain
  4. The mothering of white British mothers is possibly worse than any other race or nation on earth. Worst mum in Britain and the plague of bad parenting  Fathers are sleazy and mothers are lazy: What foreign au pairs REALLY think of British parents

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