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Pankaj Mishra's Age of Anger does not mention how feminism makes men of all races angry

Perhaps he doesn't want to go there. He has an English wife, after all.  (Daughter of the infamously supine, effete and Europhiliac Ferdy Mount)

Richard Evans in his review took the words out of my mouth:

 ... none of this in the end actually explains the crisis Mishra has identified. There are many problems with his argument, not least its almost total neglect of Marxism and social democracy as alternatives to and critics of the liberal and neoliberal economic and political order. Above all, long stretches of the book represent what the Germans call Ideengeschichte, a method of approaching the past that treats prominent, “big-name” thinkers as representatives of wider historical trends and interprets the present through a genealogy of their writings instead of situating them in the material and cultural context of their own time.
Unlike Evans, my view is that Mishra has entirely neglected feminism as the cause male anger, female promiscuity, bad parenting and an apparently unstoppable cycle of degeneracy and depravity which our democratic politicians refuse to discuss, let alone address.

I particularly disliked Mishra constant sneering at Trump, but I suppose Mishra cannot help the libtard neocons whom he mixes with, or can he? I cannot imagine that his wife and his father-in-law Ferdy approving of Trump.

All the problems Mishra lists will be dealt with by nationalism and the eradication of feminism. There is a reason why Trump is hated by feminists. They know that Trump is an alpha male and the leader of beta males whose loyalty is increased by every promise he keeps to them. This is of course the definition of a patriarchy which would directly challenge the current matriarchy where all men are beta males lower than sluts whose government governs according to the preferences of sluts where no man may criticise immoral women who are bad wives, bad mothers and insufferable sluts.

I list below two Jewish Englishmen who tried to tick off the tarts but ended up having their careers destroyed:

All the White Man's problems come from his thraldom to his women, who are mostly sluts wielding too much power and who have taken over and infest all the important institutions of the West. They will cling like limpets to their positions unless removed, which they will have to be. Because they are in fact mere women and physically weaker, it will not be a problem for the men to just shoo them away, like you would chickens.   

Trump the builder probably knows something about demolishing buildings past their sell by date.

Think of the building below as the edifice of the matriarchy.

23/01/16 at 9:38 AM

Dear Pankaj Mishra

Is neo-liberalism the same ideology as neo-conservatism?

If not, what is the difference?


Claire Khaw

23/01/16 at 9:44 AM

Dear Pankaj Mishra

You wrote " ... the need for masculine bonding and assertion is hugely important. The conservative male sensibility, whether in India or in the US, is deeply threatened by the empowerment of women, and its backlash takes many different forms, from overt violence to the micro-aggressions of everyday sexism. Its sense of siege is further aggravated by the demands the new culture of neo-liberalism places on individuals."

Have you heard of MGTOW?


Claire Khaw

 23/01/16 at 9:59 AM

Dear Pankaj Mishra
  1. Has the West been failed by Christianity?
  2. Can Christianity be said to have failed because it has fallen to gay marriage?
  3. Can Christianity be said to have failed because it has failed to maintain morality?
  4. What would you say is the purpose of morality?
  5. Have you read the Koran?
  6. Is Islam conceptually superior to Christianity because its source is the Koran, said to be transcribed Word of God directly revealed?
  7. "While the Koran is the directly revealed Word of God, the Bible is merely the reported speech and deeds of God and His prophets by more than one reporter." Would you agree with this assessment?
  8. Between patriarchy and matriarchy, is patriarchy the lesser evil if your goal is to extend the life of your society and your civilisation?
  9. Could Western governments be said to be suffering from collective dementia?
  10. If Western governments could be said to be suffering from collective dementia, what do you think are the causes?
  11. Does feminism cause collective dementia in governments, especially in an environment of indiscriminate universal suffrage?
  12. Have you read Daniel Bell's China Model?
  13. Should the West should give up representative democracy in favour of a system of government that would produce better government?

Claire Khaw

I tried to make the point that perhaps Islam could perhaps be the middle way between Capitalism and Communism as well as Patriarchy and Matriarchy, but he wasn't interested in engaging at any level.

And this is why he continues to seek the answer, as he was saying to John Humphrys on The Today Programme, rather than already having it in his book.

One has to understand that for large numbers of people the fundamental experience of the modern world is humiliation. If literature fails to furnish evidence of that, if journalism fails to furnish evidence of that, then we are lost.

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