Thursday, 5 January 2017

The conscription of God in the war against feminism

God had to be conscripted to serve patriarchy and human civilisation, and He was.

Now, however, He is sitting in a dark corner, twiddling His thumbs, under-employed.

It is not like He has to be assembled from scratch all over again. He is already before us, fully conceived and assembled, with His accompanying instruction manual called the Koran, in its original packaging as well as the receipt.

God has a lifetime guarantee and this lasts for all eternity, or at least for as long as Man exists and needs Him to assist in government, politics and morality to protect him and his civilisation from the depredations of feminism and liberalism.

It is easily demonstrated that patriarchy is much harder than matriarchy, requiring the postponement of pleasure. Matriarchy, on the other hand, is about undeferred gratification with no thought for the future.

It is therefore easily demonstrated that matriarchy is easy and patriarchy is hard, and actually even harder on men. To motivate men into patriarchy, the status of the beta male must be raised above that of the fornicating slut. To demotivate men from aspiring to patriarchy, simply keep his status below that of the fornicating slut.

The operation of the rules of traditional marriage is almost as mysterious as the way God moves, but I now understand how they both work.

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