Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Transgenderism and theocracy

Transgender people get forgiven more easily and get more rights, it seems. Isn't it interesting that transgender people are treated as if they are suffering from diminished responsbility?
There should be a pronoun for male to female transgender people (HMER) and another for female to male (HERM).

Chelsea Manning should be referred to as HMER.

Examples of Use

Q: Whose handbag is this?
A: It is HMERS.

Q: Whose Y-fronts are these?
A: They are HERMS.

Q: Who was the happy couple?
A: It was HMER and HERM.

Transgender people are mentally ill. Soon, they will make non-transgender people mentally ill too trying to correctly use the right pronoun and being sued, ostracised, sacked and perhaps even jailed over using the wrong pronoun.

It was feminism that declared men and women to be equal. This eventually made men want to cut off their penises to claim feminine privilege and get lots of sex without having to even buy a drink. Initially, women regarded this phenomenon as flattering, since it is obviously a big deal to cut off your penis to become a woman, and imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. This was eventually however resented by Arch-Feminists Germaine Greer and Julie Bindel who claimed that men cannot claim feminine privilege even if they feel themselves to be really women, wear women's clothes, or even if they looked like women. They were however condemned for being intolerant and transphobic. Now we see the children of the revolution being devoured by it.

But how did this lunacy start? By conceding the objective (having male or female sex organs) to the subjective (whether a person identifies as male or female) and having this reflected in official documents such as passports and birth certificates.

This has the consequence of confusing vulnerable adolescents who already have difficulty deciding who they are, could be or want to be by appearing to widen the range of possible identity options to such an extent that it was intellectually and emotionally disorientating and overwhelming. Imagine yourself sitting for a multiple choice examination when you expected to have only four options ie A to D to choose from, suddenly widened into A to Z, but to be completed in the same period of time. (It would be the same period of time because in real life we only have a limited lifespan to make what we can of our lives.) You would despair, wouldn't you, and then go mad and kill yourself probably.

Imagine also, how quickly you would go mad if every time you looked at yourself in the mirror it was always a different person looking back at you.

Imagine most men being househusbands staying safely at home painting their nails and going to the pub while women performed the worst and most menial heavy forms of manual work, being sewer workers and dustwomen, or dying in their millions on battlefields, utterly failing to rape and pillage the enemy and instead being captured and gang-raped themselves.

And so, that is my story of how and why the West went mad, and committed suicide.

That does not mean all Westerners will commit suicide and die, however, only their degenerate liberal democracy, which will be replaced by Islam, obviously. The opposite of this gender-confused and gender-confusing dementia is of course social conservatism, patriarchy, clearly demarcated gender roles for the purpose of efficiency and a general belief in God leading to the logical conclusion of a one-party theocracy led by an alpha male - like Donald Trump perhaps - that I have been advocating for years.

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