Saturday, 14 January 2017

What sort of person isn't grateful for the existence of RT?

1.  A person who doesn't like acknowledging the possibility that he, his government and its leaders have been wrong for a very very long time.

2.  A person who finds the challenge of understanding Western foreign policy too difficult, time-consuming, boring and overwhelming.

3.  A person who prefers to hang on to his views whatever the facts, logic and morality of the situation.

4.  A person who enjoys the idea that white people can just bomb the shit out of any country they like without suffering any consequences and that bombing the shit out of brown people is part of their white racial identity of which they are very very proud.

5.  A person who doesn't want to admit that he has been duped by mainstream media for a very very long time.

6.  A person who prefers mainstream media because it is all so predictable and familiar.

7.  A person who does not like admitting mistakes out of pride, stubbornness and chauvinism.
That would be most people.

Most people do not care to be guided by the truth, logic or morality and believe that their confused thoughts and inconsistent positions are better than anyone else's logic and truth just because their confused thoughts and inconsistent positions are theirs.

Do such people - who only care about the price of beer and cigarettes, more or less - even deserve the vote?

What is the very best thing about RT? For me it is Peter Lavelle's Crosstalk.

And probably the best documentaries I have come across.

RT should be make T-shirts, hoodies and badges for us to wear.

Even if I don't get a job from RT this year, this post will still be staying up.  

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