Saturday, 21 January 2017

Why Christianity is a busted flush

Finney produced the modern American character, extremely confident and self-righteous, even while being relatively ignorant. He also produced the moralizing political campaigns of the late 1800s and early 1900s that made me see what went wrong. I am specifically referring to the Prohibition, the campaigns against prostitution, and the campaign for women's suffrage. Without getting into politics, I will just say that I consider all of these badly misguided moralism. These campaigns were the result of Christians worrying about the morality of others without worrying much about their own morality. And it is this general view that produced modern Liberalism. Liberalism is nothing more than Finney's Christianity with God removed. Liberals are self-righteous moralizers who campaign to impose badly misguided (anti)morals on others while never questioning the morality of their own actions. Liberals are so filled with self-confidence that they never bother to question their moral beliefs, so they easily support all kinds of bad anti-morals. Modern Christians are no different in this regard.

Poor Finney just didn't see this coming. He knew the Bible and encouraged good morals, but his changes eliminated the needed doubt to ensure Bible study and sound morals. Finney would be horrified by the modern world, but he inadvertently caused it.

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