Monday, 27 February 2017

Are you an anti-Semite just because Jews hate you?

The more Jews complain about anti-Semitism, the more the gentile will hate Jews. Does this even need to be pointed out?

Muslims complaining about Islamophobia already know this.

The more you succeed in repressing the right of the gentile to express their views on Jews in their own land, the more they will hate you.

I really don't know what Jews think they can achieve by calling for ever more repressive laws against the gentile in his own land.

I had thought Jews were a clever and wise people. A clever and wise people would know that laws forbidding gentiles from hating Jews in their own land would only provoke and generate the very hatred they are trying to suppress.

Such laws would be seen as evidence of Jewish power. The idea of the state telling the citizen whom they are not allowed to hate would naturally and predictably be resented, particularly in European countries proud of their liberties.

Perhaps it is only a matter of time before a clever gentile suggests that Jews are provoking anti-Semitism against themselves by the very act of complaining about it.

Holocaust Denial is not a crime in Britain.If Alison Chabloz is found guilty on 24 March 2017 and Holocaust Denial for all practical purposes found to be a crime in Britain, then the true extent of Jewish power will be known. When this is known, even more anti-Semitism will be provoked and generated, with ever more repressive measures called on to repress this hatred thereby increasing this hatred exponentially. 

My friendly advice to the persecutors and prosecutors of Alison Chabloz is to drop this action, for their own good.  

After Hubris comes Nemesis.

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