Sunday, 26 February 2017

The Left are angry with the Right

Millennial Woes:

Trump is not the end of our struggle, he is a plateau and a milestone.

We know that in order to make further progress, we're going to have to get better in the alt-right: more organised, more methodical, more efficient, and more serious and dedicated. It's not a game or a bedroom project any more.

With the string of doxings, we've realised what's at stake. It is serious. This idea of having to change scares us, because it is new and we need discipline. The alt-right won't just be fun any more.

There is another reason for our malaise. Our enemies are attacking us.

They want us to be hateful, they want us to be villains, but they know we are not, and it baffles them. 

The Left are attacking us because we are right-wing, and more right-wing than any opposition we have ever faced for many decades.

In the meantime the mainstream media are attacking us for being alternative and for being confusing to them, and they're angry that they can't understand us. They don't like this, they're not used to this. They've always had the privilege of being able to set the narrative.

They want us to be rednecks, idiots. They want us to be hateful, they want us to be villains, but they know we are not, and it baffles them.

And of course our various governments are attacking us for being rebels, reactionaries, revolutionaries, you might say - truly dangerous to the status quo.

Here is something you should bear in mind when you think our work is over, or that the movement is pointless, or that our methods are ineffective, or that the public aren't interested in our ideas.

If any of that were true, then our enemies wouldn't care about us. Instead, they are homing in on us as one of the biggest threats to their narrative.

Twitter is getting more strict and crafty with its censorship, and quite unpredictable as well.

Antifa have a list of targets whose Twitter accounts they want shut down. That's what they're doing. That's how arrogant they are. In the meantime, Facebook is shutting down accounts all over the place.

And then there's Milo. He, whatever you think of him, has also been undermined by our mutual enemies.


In summary, the Left are adapting and reverting to type. They are returning to their old methods from fifty years ago: the methods of the beleaguered yet privileged underdog. Thinks of the middle class university lecturer who's a Marxist who has all the privileges in the world, yet he acts like the underdog, because in a sense he is.

The methods of the beleaguered yet privileged underdog: control, censor, guilt trip, gaslight, demonise, ostracise and manipulate the narrative stealthily, and always cry out in pain as you strike your enemy.  

At the school level and the college level, the Left are not accepting the new status quo of Brexit and Trump, they are not getting with the programme, they are clinging to their control of the programme. They're doubling down with all the ideas that got them despised by the public in general in the first place!

And then the other battleground: the perennial theatre of political warfare: the street. On the street in 2017, the Left are going berserk: rioting, shouting, weeping and violence. They do this for various reasons: to dominate the arena, to build solidarity within themselves, to impress and intimidate bystanders, and to humiliate their opponents.

Just look at the glee with which they celebrated Spencer being punched; they now glorify violence - the people who claim to be peace-loving, the people who claim to be compassionate and open-hearted and open-minded.

Just as they hated war until Barack Obama started waging it.

Just as they hated state corruption until Hillary Clinton was guilty of it.

And just as they hated deceit until their media started spewing it.

So they hated violence till they were the ones waging it.

And now they can't get enough of it. They love it. They're getting off on it, like children discovering it for the first time.

The Left are out of control and hysterical and it's just going to get worse.

All of the above could be applied to America. We are in Europe. We are in the true home of white people, the place where we belong, the place we must protect and hold sacred.

Unlike the Americans, we don't have guns with which to defend ourselves, and our loved ones and our friends and our property, so we are less likely than the Americans to put up a fight. But we have something they don't have: the ancient ties to these lands that our ancestors inhabited for untold thousands of years and which they bequeathed to us.

And that is why we will put up a fight, and that is why we must do so.

Also, the Americans, given the sheer size of the USA, always have two options: segregating or seceding. We don't have either of those options. We are boxed in with the immigrants who are destined to replace us, and the Left, who are trained and determined to betray us. And that's why whatever happens in Trump's America, we in Europe are destined for war.

The alt-right is not in itself that important. Let's not fetishise it. It's just a mechanism by which whites are awakened, whether they are the ancient Swedes, the ancient Celts, the ancient Saxons, the ancient Franconians, the ancient Basques or the modern Americans.

The alt-right is a bridge between this dreadful, atomised and hollow age and a future secure for white children. The alt-right is a bridge from the strip malls of banal consumer products and the multicultural swamps of the modern Western nation. It is a future in which white people do recognise themselves and do understand that there is more to life than the strip malls, and the consumer product and the multicultural swamp, and do know they are a very special continuum, that they are the latest iteration of a very beautiful creature which is perceived beyond the material and above the base and fell in love with what it glimpsed there: a strong, creative and innocent creature which dreamt higher and delved deeper than we today can ever conceive of.

We probably cannot do it ourselves because we are too atomised, so we must instead remember and believe that our spirit, our matter, our soul, is capable of it. That memory of greatness and potential for grace is what now hangs in the balance.

Our work is not over, and our movement is not pointless. If our methods are ineffective, then we need to shape up, improve those methods and come up with new ones. If the public are not interested in our ideas, then we have to get better at communicating to them that they damn well should be interested in our ideas. It falls to us. The various malaises that we will inevitably go through must be got through, must be survived, outlasted and learned from. Our various opponents who can be got through to must be got through to.

And the many obstacles that will inevitably be placed in our way must to the best of our abilities be swept aside.

And never forget that our enemies are scared of us. And that has to mean something.

What is it that we are doing? What is it the alt-right for? The alt-right exists because the Fourteen Words are necessary. The alt-right exists to take us from here to there. The alt-right exists because it is time.

We were indeed born too late to explore the earth and too early to explore the galaxy, but just in time to secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.

How much trouble will I be in just for transcribing these words?

Will the Left try harder to have this post taken down and me disabled from posting on social media than in addressing the issues raised in this speech?

And if the predictable and inevitable reaction is suppression and censorship, then how are the fears of men on the alt-right being addressed?

Should this happen, would men of the alt-right not be correct in concluding that their enemy is utterly implacable, cannot be reasoned with and will never ever acknowledge that they have a legitimate grievance?

The best possible outcome would be for The Guardian to publish an essay preferably by the prize-wining Anthony Kwame Appiah mentioned at addressing all the points raised by Millennial Woes, but I suspect they will simply demand the blanket suppression of various bloggers, YouTubers, tweeters etc just for being who they are without having to even identify what they actually said that was so objectionable.

I hope I am not right.

Is the real reason why the Left are so angry with the Right because they have no answers to any of the issues raised by them except to tell them to shut up, forget all about it at once and never mention it again, or else?

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Roderick Roderick said...

This is a great article. We need to start moving forward we can start by thinking forward. Problem solving starting on the small scale to start with. Its a way of thinking that leads to planning and doing.
Why is everyone talking about Claire? Hi Claire its Rod. I am always amazed that so many cannot cope with knowing a person without having to agree with everything, she (in this case) thinks or says. Even if it offends you.
It is a great show of weakness. Thought clone's, in playpens. I work along side many in this that I don't totally agree with. Grow up.