Friday, 24 February 2017

The Fake News libtard BBC is the enemy of the American and British people

The ugly face of the BBC - the enemy of the American people and their President.

From 33rd minute

Shaun Ley:

There's been plenty of action to keep Jonny Dymond busy as he continues to chart President Trump's First Hundred Days.

Jonny Dymond begins to sneer at the American people and their President:

It's not [Trump's voice] chaos, it's like a [Trump's voice] fined-tuned machine. The White House, that is, and is if to prove it, a whole week went by without any hideous cock-ups, resignations or grotesque embarrassments. Well, almost.

[Stupid whooshing sound]

The big policy announcement of the week was a shift in the way illegal immigrants would be rounded up and thrown out of the country. Press Secretary Sean Spicer explained that "The President wanted to take the shackles off individuals in these agencies and say 'You have laws that need to be followed. You should do your mission and follow the law' " so they could put more shackles on illegal immigrants and get them out out of the country more quickly. This is a big deal to a lot of Americans and was as has happened in previous weeks the President was keeping a campaign promise.

[Stupid whooshing sound]

[Trump's voice:] "Quiet, quiet, quiet." Got the message? Shut up! President Trump insisted he wasn't anti-Semitic to a journalist who had gone out of his way to say he wasn't accusing him of being anti-Semitic. "I haven't seen anyone in my community accuse either yourself or anyone on your staff of being anti-Semitic."

After a fourth wave of bomb threats to Jewish community centres and the desecration of a Jewish cemetery in St Louis, the President found the words he had apparently mislaid for so long.

[Trump's voice:] "The anti-Semitic threats targeting our Jewish community and community centres are horrible."

[Stupid whooshing sound]

"He is a man of tremendous talent and tremendous experience." Lt Gen H R McMaster will replace [Trump's voice] the wonderful man that the President had to sack as his National Security Adviser because he was a liar. Lt Gen McMaster's appointment was widely praised.

[Stupid whooshing sound followed by a thud]

It used to be that Americans asked in whiny way "Who do I call when I want to speak to Europe?" Now, Europeans kind of scratch their heads and wonder "Who do I listen to when I want to hear US foreign policy?"[RT of course.]

[Trump's voice:] "He said he was going to ask a simple easy question, and it's not. It's not a fair question"

because a nice man - a kindly sounding man called Mike Pence said:

"The United States of America strongly supports NATO and will be unwavering in our commitment to this Transatlantic alliance"

whereas the President President has described NATO as obsolete and suggests that maybe the US won't bother turning up if the Russians take over one of the smaller members if it doesn't pay its dues. Let's hope it's Mike at the helm when the tanks roll, eh?

Finally, remember the voters? The President does, all the time. He went to Florida, much of which he owns to hold a rally with supporters one of whom he liked so much the President got him to do the talking.

[Gene Huber's voice:] "When President Trump during the election promised all these things that he was going to do for us, I knew he was going to do this for us!"

You may sneer at the President's garbled rhetoric, but his supporters get it.

It was all going rather well for Mr Trump until he decided to continue with his habit of insulting allies for no reason at all.

[Trump's voice:] "You look at what's happening last night in Sweden ... "


[Trump's voice:] "Sweden!"


[Trump's voice:] "Who would believe this?"


[Trump's voice:] Sweden!

Mr Trump, nothing happened in Sweden last night, or the night before, or the year before. It's Sweden, where nothing ever happens, but hey, why let the facts get in the way of a great presidency, and this, folks, have no doubt, is going to be a great presidency, tremendous, even."

Jonny Dymond will continue to sneer at the American people and their President next Friday. 

The Florida rally was on 18 February.

Trump and The Truth about Sweden

This Jonny Dymond report was on 24 February. Time enough to have corrected this perception that nothing ever happens in Sweden, surely? But Jonny Dymond has his head so far up his own libtard arse he hasn't noticed, and strangely, nor do the other libtards at The World At One.

You would have thought Shaun Ley who was presenting the World At One would have noticed, being in the business of news, but nope.

Shaun Ley. As Trump would put it, "another beauty".

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